XC training in Tolmin and Bassano (21. – 25. 5. 2017)

The forecast looked nice, but from Sunday. We trained for one day and went straight to Bassano, where we had a good flight and moved to the original Tolmin that night. On the very first day in Tolmin, there was an unbelievable flight, personal records and a lot of emotions, then the weather began to [...]

4. Elementary Paragliding Training in Beskydy 2017

This time was full of joy and fun with group of happy clients. Mr. Thermoska was also a little kind for a couple of days and he gave us many nice flights with thermal condition in Beskydy and Slovak Stranik  ... We look forward to the next flights! For El Speedo team Petr and Slávek

New El Speedo paragliding sites and maps

In the end, we have chosen a very open approach – information processed through Google Maps with maximum support for direct navigation to the location we choose…