Elementary paragliding course terms and reservation



8. 5. – 14. 5.


12. 6. – 18. 6.


10. 7. – 16. 7.


7. 8. – 13. 8.



Complete application

Choose a date, send the application form located below and we will make your reservation of the course. We will create your personal account and we will send you all the informations.


Booking reservation

After advance payment of 30 EUR  we will book your reservation.


What you can make before the course?

After reservation and payment of the reservation fee, we will make your personal account  and you can take advantages of our E-Learning and more information to the course.

If you will have any personal problem and you cannot participate at the course, we can change the reservation three weeks before the course without any charge.

For any information please contact our El Speedo office GSM:+420 603 311 661, e-mail: info@elspeedo.cz.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to see you.
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Meeting at the beginning of the course:


We always meet with pupils at 8:00 at the school office in Frýdek-Místek. After a brief introduction and submission of organizational information. Clients will obtain paragliding equipment and we will leave for inspection together to the aviation doctor.  After we will continue by paragliding learning.


With the Personal Issue, medical examination and paragliding equipment, we then move to practice terrain where, depending on the meteorological situation, we begin with the practical or theoretical part of the course.


Practical training:

The rest of the first day on the meadows teaches paraglide releases without releasing from the ground. The next day, we are crossing the low-elevation practice terrain and trains with detachments from the ground where the clients are up to a maximum of 20 meters. In this exercise, all the pupils are already connected with an instructor who is alerting them of bugs in piloting and correcting their first flights in time.

We also train 90 ° and 180 ° bends and landing in a designated sector if there is enough wind or cross-start. After completing the necessary disciplines, the pupils are ready for their first flights from a big hill. Then, we select the min. 300 meters. Clients are instructed to the 90 °, 180 ° and 360 ° corners, perform sloping training, flapping techniques in thermics, stabilizer collapse, and asymmetric collapse. We train these disciplines even after a few days, until the end of the course when the pupils take their final exam. The distribution of individual training disciplines into training days is largely dependent on the weather and the individual skills and abilities of the pupils.


Theoretical preparation:

Theoretical part of the training is usually done in the morning and evening hours when we have before or after flying. When we cannot fly due to bad weather, we try to make the most of our time spent teaching, using simplistic simulators, parachute models, slide projectors with their own learning module, teaching books, aviation magazines and aviation movies.


In the event of bad weather, which would make it impossible to carry out all the required tasks including high-altitude flights, the pupils will have the opportunity to continue with FREE other days until the objectives of the Elementary Course have been fulfilled.


The paragliding center of the Beskydy Flying School is right in the Flight Park Javorový. It is our home location, the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic. With our private take-off and a large landing area right next to it. There is a central building of Flight Park Javorový with accommodation for participants of our courses and other pilots, bar, tent camp, hammock camp, air-conditioned classroom, rental and service of paragliding equipment. And all this 30 meters from the cable car. The dream of every instructor and the ideal for paragliding pilots.

Javorový has a huge paragliding history and we are very happy that our courses can regularly take place in the immediate vicinity of this great flying terrain.

Information on accommodation at discounted club prices and a booking form can be found here: www.javorovy-vrch.cz.

We would also like to offer you a chance to learn to fly and not to stay away from your family.

Take your family or friends with you and make use of our offer of accommodation and for them. We believe that in beautiful Beskydy countryside, they will find everything that people do for nature. All you have to do is tell us the number and date of your stay in time.



Meals during the course are mostly individual. Those accommodated in the apartments have a shared kitchen with a dining area at their disposal. Sometimes we also do a barbecue or cook on the outdoor fireplace. In Flight Park Javorový, however, you can also order breakfast, lunch snacks and dinner. If we are far from Flight Park, we stop at different proven places and together we dine.


Course price: 9490 CZK

Enjoy the whole team of Beskydy flying schools. Come and discover why birds sing!

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