In the first part of the motor paragliding course, we teach you how to manipulate the parachute, lift it up, start, turn and land, and all that is needed to safely continue with the engine on your back in phase 2.

This 1st part of the motorway trip is very important. The more accurately you learn these skills without the engine, the quieter and safer you will have everything with the engine on your back. We are recommended for beginners, as well as for you, who already have free flying experience, and want to go to motor paragliding.

Brief information

Our powered paragliding course is designed for both absolute beginners and holders of pilot licence of level Pilot (former PL-A) or higher. For safe flying is esential to get all necessary information gradually. Therefore this course is split into two halves. The first one is dedicated to safe starts and during the second one, we fly with the engine and perform all the tasks necessary according to compulsory structure of training.


The elementary training of powered paragliding – the first phase (training of starts and low-altitude flights)

Demands for the first phase

  • from 18 to 100 years…

Demands for the second phase

  • valid medical check by authorised doctor (see below),
  • perfect execution of front start
  • theoretical knowledge

Physical demands

  • low to mid

Recommended flying hours


Goals of the training

Perfect execution of various techniques of take off – that is the goal of the first phase. It is all about your safety and prevention of the damaging the engine or glider. That is why various  techniques of starts are emphasized. Another goal is understanding basic principles of aerodynamics and how the canopy works.


Two flying days (we always start on Saturday, whole course usually takes 3-4 days with the theoretical tuition).

Practical training

  • ground handling,
  • setting the glider ready for take off,
  • take off
  • 180° turns
  • landing into limited space

Theoretical tuition

  • aerodynamics
  • the basic of aviation
  • construction of the canopy


  • Javorový by Třinec, the Beskydy
  • Prašivá, the Beskydy

Who with

  • instructor of the elementary course
  • instructor of powered paragliding

Price: 3500 CZK

Price with your own gear: 2900 CZK

  • our graduates have 10 % discount

Price includes:

  • the work of instructors (theoretical and practical)
  • lending of full paragliding gear and walkie-talkie
  • Paragliding textbook
  • lending of other useful books
  • compulsory insurance
  • rent of starting and landing sites
  • transportation among starting sites
  • issuing of personal documents
  • technical service and adjusting your gear
  • taking pictures during the course
  • the El Speedo gift bag

We can also lend you:

  • tents and sleeping bags Hannah,
  • variometres and GPS (see SKYTEST)

We can help you with:

  • common transportation to course with other clients from your destination
  • accommodation and food

Transportation to the destination of the course

  • on your own or with another course participants

Graduate program

Types of lessons are divided into 5 basic performance categories. This division has a major impact on the unification of the pilot participants’ performance and the subsequent progress of your most effective teaching. And the more you can, the less you pay – it’s fair, is not it?

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