Put the engine on and get into the air.

We teach different engine start-up techniques, knowledge of engine parts, knowledge of safety and reliability requirements, and knowledge of routine maintenance. We navigate you around the circuit, changing the direction of turning, flying, high-flying piloting, emergency landing, return flights, navigational trips along the triangular track.

Terms & Reservation

The second stage of motor flying is conducted individually, training starts from April to November. Required reservation of the term, directly with the examiner conducting the training:

Michael Nadažy tel. +420 603 845 363

Brief information

The second phase of the elementary course of powered paragliding is all about take offs and fulfilling all the tasks from the compulsory tasks from MPL 3 outline issued by czech Light Aircraft Association.


The elementary course of powered paragliding – the second phase to get licence PPG or MPG

Goals of the course:

To handle various techniques of start with the engine on your back, get to know parts of the machine, how to work with it safely and how to maintain it in flyable condition. Another pack of skills you are going to get is about flying. There are several tasks we need to go through the second part of this course such as flying in circle, change the direction of rotation, low-altitude flying, rapid turns, emergency landing or navigational flight.

Demads for the second part of this course:

  • valid medical check by authorised doctor (see below)
  • perfect handling of front start during the first phase

Physical demands:

  • mid when flying with harness
  • low when flying with squad

Recommended flying hours

  • flying hours are not that necessary but precise ground handling is
  • we would like to inform participants, especially beginners before the start of second phase that it is vital to know how to take off and perform the start with perfection. Not even right after the first phase you are not 100 % sure about your moves. Please sign up for our courses devoted to perfect starts or ground handling. Or just join the first few days of our other elementary course where these techniques are trained. You will save a lot of time and energy. The engine itself weights around 15 kilos and it is not very easy to do it if you do not know how. If you are not able get your glider ready to flying position or handle it in strong wind, the second part of this course will be canceled and we will suggest you some ways how to continue to improve your skills. After that, we are about to train with the engine.

Duration of the course

  • two or three flying days depending on the number of participants

Practiical training

  • ground handling
  • getting your glider ready to take off with engine stopped
  • take off with engine turned on
  • low-altitude flights
  • high-altitude flights
  • flying in circles
  • change the direction of rotation
  • sharp turns
  • flights with returning
  • flights in the shape of triangle
  • landing in limited space and emergency landing
  • examination flight

Theoretical tuition

  • aerodynamics
  • meteorology
  • flying rules
  • emergency procedures, navigation
  • basics of aviation, construction of the canopy
  • first aid


  • Prašivá, the Beskydy
  • Prostějov airfield

Please put a note about prefered destination into your application.

Who with

  • an instructor of elementary course
  • an instructor of powered paraglidng

Price of second phase: 9000 CZK

Price for pilots with some practical experience: 5000 CZK

  • our clients have discount 10 %

Price includes:

  • the work of instructors (theoretical and practical)
  • lending of full paragliding gear and walkie-talkie
  • lending of powered harness
  • fuel
  • lending of helmet designed for powered paragliding
  • lending of useful books
  • compulsory insurance
  • rent of starting and landing sites
  • transportation among starting sites
  • issuing of personal documents
  • technical service and adjusting your gear
  • taking pictures during the course
  • the El Speedo gift bag

The price does not include

  • fee for medical check by an authorised doctor (required before the course)
  • transportation to the destination of course
  • accommodation and food
  • payments for possible repairs in case of damage done by client
  • fee to Light Aircraft Association for issuing the pilot licence

We can also lend you:

  • tents and sleeping bags Hannah,
  • variometres and GPS (see SKYTEST)

We can help you with:

  • common transportation to course with other clients from your destination
  • accommodation and food

Transportation to the destination of the course

  • on your own

Graduate program

Types of lessons are divided into 5 basic performance categories. This division has a major impact on the unification of the pilot participants’ performance and the subsequent progress of your most effective teaching. And the more you can, the less you pay – it’s fair, is not it?

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