South and Central America, Asia, New Zealand.

Travelling and flying are naturally coming together. To walk on beautiful and interesting places and then later on flying above them in thermals is for adventurous people and aesthetic junkies irresistable. That is actually who we are and we love to share these moments with you.

Terms and reservations

Wed 22


January 9 - January 27

This is not a standard product in our range. As you might already understand, this is exclusive event with plenty of unexpected situations. Firstly, we define our goals and therefore we demand a list of skills and of course, ability of team-work. We are ready to show you a lot of new but we need to take care for your safety too.


  • El Speedo Pilot 2-5
  • valid pilot licence
  • valid travelling insurance
  • extra insurance for a rescue mission
  • knowledge of working with GPS

Physical demands

Mid to high.

Recommended experience of pilot

  • very individual, depends to destination
  • pilots shoud be able to start precisely, land individually on given spot and be able to fly in thermals

Goals of our expeditions

Every trip has it own goals. From first flight in not-known places, through treks to the highest peaks to XC flights in mountains and flatlands. Exploring local culture and natural beauty is inextricable part of the EXPEDITIONS.

The program EXPEDITION is customised to particular goals and they go second right after your safety.

Duration of El Speedo EXPEDITION: Three weeks, plus minus two days which depends on location

Our destinations:

  • New Zealand
  • Argentina
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Colombia
  • Nepal
  • Chile
  • Costa Rica
  • for every year we plan the EXPEDITION to a new destination

Who with (depends on destinations and goals):

  • instructors of thermalling
  • assistants for transportation

Price: 14 900 CZK

  • our clients have 10 % – 50 % discount. More information in our Graduates’ programe

Price includes:

  • our help with organisation of common transportation and accommodation
  • thermal maps of terrains
  • lending of walkie-talkie
  • technical support when some repairs of your gear is needed and adjusting your gear
  • assistance when flying
  • something for adventurous people 🙂 – as usual you will get information right before the event itself
  • El Speedo gift bag
  • pictures from whole trip
  • and of course BBQ party

We can lend you:

  • Hannah tents and sleeping bags
  • full paragliding gear including helmet (see El Speedo Test Centre)

Graduate program

Types of lessons are divided into 5 basic performance categories. This division has a major impact on the unification of the pilot participants’ performance and the subsequent progress of your most effective teaching. And the more you can, the less you pay – it’s fair, is not it?

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