Himalayas, Pamir, Thian-Shan, Andes

For long years, we are doing long and demanding paragliding expeditions to the highest mountains in the world. These are the places where we learn to understand flying in such an unusual spots and ourselves too. Bivaques are atop of our wildest dreams about true free flying in pure mountains.

Terms and reservations

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We enjoy sharing our experience and that is why we offer XC bivaques on which you may taste various types of flying in various regions in the whole world. And moreover – the mountains in Kyrgyzstan are way too tempting to leave their beauty and XC potential just let go.

When flying El Speedo bivaques, you are certainly not conquering tough and wild mountain ridges. The safety is always first and we are not taking ultimate or too risky decisions. On the contrary!

In aestetically interesting places, we are learning to fly in wild mountains and focus on mental and tactical preparation to overcome gradually our goals. And when thermals start bubbling, we are about to start.

Must have:

  • valid pilot licence
  • valid travel insurance
  • valid insurance for rescue mission
  • knowledge of using GPS

Physical demands: High

Recommended flying hours:

  • suitable for El Speedo Pilot 4 and 5
  • pilots should be able to start precisely and land on their own
  • pilots must be able to do at least basics of thermalling and XC tactics

Duration of El Speedo XC bivaque: Three weeks +- two days which depends on destination

Our Destination: Kyrgyzstan

Who with (depends on destination and goals):

  • instructors of high-performance XC flying
  • driver

Price: 14 900 CZK

Our clients have 10 % – 50 % discount. For more information, see our Graduates’ programme

Price includes:

  • assistance with common transportation and accommodation
  • map of thermals
  • transportation to the launch sites
  • transportation after flights
  • lending of walkie-talkie
  • technical support with anything and adjustment of your gear
  • El Speedo gift bag (T-shirt and other little presents)
  • briefing before flying and description of the flying site
  • pictures from the all expediton

We can lend you:

  • Hannah tents and sleeping bags
  • full paragliding gear including helmet (see El Speedo Test Centre)
  • variometer and GPS

Graduate program

Types of lessons are divided into 5 basic performance categories. This division has a major impact on the unification of the pilot participants’ performance and the subsequent progress of your most effective teaching. And the more you can, the less you pay – it’s fair, is not it?

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