El Speedo harnesses sophisticated, comfortable and durable


Price: 510 €

FUERTA is intended for novice pilots. Simple, solid construction, allowing complete back pocket detach. Perfect even for the ground handling training.


Price: 830 €

Comfortable harness for pilots of all categories, ideal for thermal flying and also, thanks to low weight, for walking to any take off place.


Price from: 910 €

Light harness with solid seat board and speed bag perfectly tuned for long XC flying including flights in the highest mountains of the world.


Price: 430 €

Our elegant, comfortable and lightweight solution for tandem flying – safety for passenger, mobility for the pilot. And not just that…

Are you looking for really light equipment for your adventurous plans?

Focus on our ULTRINO solution!


  • 9 storage pockets
  • weight in M size from 2,01 kg

MT COOK Ultrino

  • complete weight 940 g
  • integrated rescue container

RS Ultrino

  • weight 950 g with area 25 m2

SKYDROP  Ultrino

  • only 68 g
  • backlit display
  • vario with GPS


  • fast packing nad comfortable carrying in one
  • only 460 g
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