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Have you ever noticed that the way how it’s any sleepingbag usually packed is not suitable for carrying in a paragliding backpack? That there is a lot of empty space around? That its shape is more suitable for a climbing backpack? And do you sometimes use it as a pillow – at the airport, in backpackers, hostels, on the landing? What do you think about its shape? Comfy?

Well, if you want to solve your problems, get rid of your round cover and put your sleeping bag in El Speedo STRING BAG. Besides its adaptability when packing in a backpack and the fact, that it´s a comfortable pillow for a nap on a landing, you’ll have a material for filling closable pockets of El Speedo harnesses’ back protector. So, the less weight and more space…

Did you know that the classic string bag was already invented in Žďár nad Sázavou (CZ) by Vavřín Krčil? When he couldn´t sell his protective hairnets he added handles to them and the string bag was born. Although his factory was nationalized in 1948 and the boom of plastic bags started, the string bag still has a huge potential. :o)

Size and technical information

Bag weight (g) 100
Price 13 €


– 100 grams only!

Since now, we add El Speedo STRING BAG to every El Speedo harness – CHOGORI and WANAKA 2.

Sleeping bag as a back protector

Easier travelling and comfort under your head

Cover for your harness


All graduates of our training programs are provided

10% discount and the possibility of arranging VAT deduction.

Get more information in El Speedo office via tel. +420 777 311 661

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