Adventure in NEW ZEALAND 2001


Six-month expedition where we realized many first flights in mountains of South and North Island. And in tandem Blanka Smékalová and Dalibor Carbol we set out to the top of New Zeland´s highest mountain – Mt. Cook.

The aims of this event were simple – get to know as much as possible of flying areas of New Zeland, travel and practise at a new places.

Just 2 huge backpacks and us. It took a while than we bought a car so we had to move by hitchhiking at the beginning. In the incredibly beautiful and varied nature of New Zeland we felt absolutely free. We were flying everywhere we could (even where we couldn´t), we took a lot of photos, wrote some articles and just had a good time.

This event greatly influenced our thinking and an attitude towards people. After homecoming we set up the project El Speedo and our first paragliding school – Beskydská škola létání – which is the leader among paragliding training centees until now.

Blanka Smékalová
Dalibor Carbol

Flight duration:
6 months

Sharon Bi (EASY FLY)

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