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    El Speedo Competitions

    He have fun with sport – have a fun with us …

    Paragliding Sites

    Paragliding terrains has its own specific features. It’s mainly about a good choice for your level of paragliding experience. Look for sites that are well known to pilots. Ask local people for the pros and cons of such terrain. Observe other pilots how and where they fly. Do not be provoked to make a quick start without knowing if the situation is appropriate. Learn from the mistakes of others, watch their starts and the behavior of their wings after the start. Something like that is waiting at the start time. We remind you that 90% of the risk of paragliding takes place at the starting point, when the pilot decides whether to fly or not. Strength and wind direction, other weather conditions, the right equipment, clean head – all this affects your flight’s safety or not at all.

    A Healthy Way

    The entire El Speedo project is based on our common experiences and needs. And the truth is that we have also begun to become more interested in our healthy lifestyle, the right diet, and the good feeling that comes from it. So why not share these experiences together.

    Balanced Diet

    Greater vitality, energy and a healthy lifestyle could be enjoyed by a lot of people if these people had only a little improved their eating habits.

    Exercise and Realism

    The first thing to do, the basic question of what to ask when we are going to do something, is to ask ourselves: What is my goal? If I do not know what I want, I can hardly see the results.


    We live in a hurried time. This slow slogan of the twentieth century we hear so often that it has become automatic and few who pause over its real meaning.

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