HAWK training programme for 2021 launched

The weather is gradually stabilizing, our Elementary courses at the Beskydy Flying School are running, so there is nothing to stop the launch of the El Speedo HAWK training program.

For whom?  For graduates of any Elementary Paragliding Course who want to improve their flying and learn with us.

The participants have a radio set programmed by us, in the morning you will take a look at our morning meteo-briefing, you will decide whether you want to join or not, if so, you will follow us to the place where we are training, the instructor will tell you which frequency we are using and go!

If you want a bed in Flight Park Javorový or a campsite pitch, let us know so we can count on it. The same applies if you want to borrow our school equipment for the club price of CZK 300 per day.

We start recording the morning meteo-briefing this Saturday and then every day, until the end of the season.

If you are not yet in the HAWK programme and would like to, call Marcela in the office, she will enroll you, set up access to El Speedo e-learning (you also have a nice Meteorology there) and on the first visit we will give you your new radio. The price of this two-year program is CZK 4,900, given that you have access to any Basic Course in the Beskydy Mountains or in Raná for two years, so it’s for a bottle of honey, as my neighbor says. 😀

See you soon 🙂

El Speedo – advantage thanks to our approach…

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