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We created the El Speedo project as a place where we can fully demonstrate our active way of life, our invention and energy, with which we often respond to all sorts of challenges and seemingly unsolvable situations.

We are a group of more than thirty friends, sportsmen, who share the same values ​​of life and are trying to spend their hobbies in today’s hurried time to such an extent that they have become our common work. We really love our work because we spend most of it in the air, in the mountains, in the water and especially in the company of you who use our services. And thanks to you and your enthusiasm and satisfaction in this activity, we continue to work and we strive to move further on to each further action.

Since 2001 we have implemented and are constantly developing the following projects:

Beskydská škola létání –  paragliding school in Beskydy

The largest training center for paragliding in Czech, Polish, English and Russian. We are leaders in Czech-Slovak-Polish paragliding learning, we provide above-standard service. We train in a team of ten experienced instructors, we have our own flight site, e-learning, our own learning books, a fine-tuned training methodology, and the enormous enthusiasm with which we continue to learn.

ALTO Paragliding School

Elementary paragliding training in other parts of the Czech Republic. First we will come to you, we will train you the basics on the lower hills. And if you like flying from the biggest moutains, you will come to us in the best locations for high-altitude flights. This is a simple rule that we are trying to get as close as possible to your basic paragliding training at Alto Paragliding School.

El Speedo – training centre 

We offer continuing training for new pilots after elementary training and for pilots who want to develop their flying skills. Here you will find After elementary paragliding training, Thermal Flying Training, APT Training, Expedition Trips, SIV COMBO, Perfect Start Training and Precision Landing, Dungeon Training, HAWK 2-Year Training Program, and Individual Training, XC Training, Expedition Trips and Bivouac Expeditions. As well we offer sport events in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Only such complexity in teaching and subsequent training can be found here. Because with El Speed ​​you have a steady lead – thanks to access  to training …

El Speedo – paragliding tandem flights 

We have been involved in tandem flying since 1996. This is a lot of experience, many experiences and many satisfied clients. Abnormally many. We are experienced instructors and long-time XC flight coaches. We have been participating in representative teams, successful participation in international competitions, we are involved in the development of new paragliding equipment – free flying is our world.

And you have the possibility to fly with high above the countryside and enjoy the feeling of free movement in space. We look forward to see you…

El Speedo – development and production of paragliding equipment

As early as 2011, we strarted the development of own paragliding equipment that we first used in our alpine expeditions and we have gradually involved it in our regular flying. Today we offer a complete paragliding assortment and we are proud of it.

See more about our equipment …

El Speedo – flying community

We organize contests, meetings, cycles of paragliding seminars – PARASEM. In cooperation with Beskydy Mountain Rescue we build a network of Beskydy weather stations. We  maintain flight sites and airfields, organize travel lectures, publish in newspapers and magazines, debate in the media.

All this and a little more with the other pilots who care about flying freely and doing good.

FLY7000 project

We organize paragliding expeditions to the highest mountains, push the boundaries of pilot capabilities, and uncover the flying activities of the previously untouched paragliding areas.

Flight park Javorový

For pilots and visitors of Javorový vrch, we organize, maintain and develop the western starting area, the landing area, the part of the car park near the Javorový vrch cable car, the surrounding land and the accommodation of visitors and clients on our courses.

Flight park Prašivá

For pilots and visitors to Prašivá hill, we organize, maintain and develop the western start area, the southern starting area and the landing area. We provide exports and exclusive tandem flights in this location.


Since 2006, we have been organizing this rugged outdoor race in the Beskydy Mountains. Three-person teams and individuals compare their strengths in paragliding, running, MTB and downhill.



One-day paragliding race that checks who’s skill and skill is able to keep up in the air. So no, who is least afraid. The place and weather conditions of the race are chosen to have the ability of the pilots to check as best as possible.

We also make a significant cooperation to:

– the technical support of the Adrenalin Cup relay race (since 2004),
– developing of new paragliding sites,
– providing free of charge  flying for non-professional pilots at the Beskydy fying sites,
– increasing safety in paragliding  by organizing regular pragling seminars,
– training young talented pilots under the Talented Youth Program,
– creating new training methods for pilots of all performance categories.

From the enumeration of these activities, you have been able to recognize the uniqueness of the El Speedo project at least within the Czech Republic. In addition to our professional activities, we also devote much time to actions within the non-profit sector. What we do is very fun to us. Come to us and have fun with us.

Dalibor Carbol
founder of El Speedo project

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