WHERE: Beskydy, Czech Republic. Beskydská škola létání
WHEN: We start on Saturday and finish on Friday
WHAT: Full training for obtaining the pilot licence including examination of your skills by a flight inspector
PRICE: 9 890 CZK
During the elementary paragliding course you will experience unforgettable days within enthusiastic group of people. Join us, it is worth it.

The best cost/benefit ratio (The best value for your money)

Price 9 890 CZK includes

  • The work of instructors (practical and theoretical tuition)
  • Lending of a complete paragliding gear
  • Lending of a walkie-talkie
  • Lending of variometer for better training of thermalling
  • Lending of a text book
  • Insurance
  • Flying on our private starting and landing sites
  • Transportation
  • Final examination by a flight inspector
  • Free WI-FI zone
  • Pictures and videos from the whole course

You will also get

  • Paragliding book for free (200 CZK)
  • Online theoretical prepration before the course
  • One-year subscription on www.eparagliding.cz website (990 CZK)
  • The El Speedo CLUB PILOT licence for free assistance by El Speedo instructor
  • A gift bag

You can also order

  • Accommodation in Flight Park Javorový (300 CZK per night)
  • 50 % discount for a tandem flight for your relatives and friends during the course
  • Intermediate glider of EN-B category (500 CZK)
  • Obligatory medical check (150 CZK, we do this together during first phase of the course)
  • Breakfast and dinner



Take advantage of the best gradual way of training which we are using for our clients in our training centres. We use your time effectively both in and out the course – and that is what you want, right? 🙂

The price of El Speedo elementary course includes:

  • Online preparation before the course

    Right after paying of the deposit, you will get access to your one-year account STUDENT on e-learning part of our website where you can find section with online preparation before the course.

  • Text book PARAGLIDING

    It is up to you if you want to get the book in advance to your home adress or you want to get it on the first day of the course. You will make this decision while making an application.

  • Training of basics

    Intensive training with our instructors is fun. Every day we get ready before the flight tasks, we fly and lead you to individual, independent flying.


    The training exercises, possible failures and fine execution of a task is recorded in real time into our smart-phone application. This data is uploaded to your personal account so you have it any time you need it.

  • Flying with the overseeing of an instructor

    We are on our starting sites every flyable day. We will tune your radio to our frequency and therefore our instructors will take care for you during your start and landing.

Are you looking for a shorter course, rather a tasting? Then you will definitely be interested in:

A dating course at the flying school of Beskydy

2 + 2 days of practical and theoretical training (2 training days, 2 additional days in case of bad weather)

Price 4900 CZK contains

  • Work of instructors (theoretical and practical lessons)
  • Rental of parachute sets
  • Rental of radio stations
  • Lending books
  • Statutory insurance for damage to a third party
  • Starting at our own start-ups and airfields
  • As far as possible, transport to the launch site and transfer between the
  • different locations
  • Free WI-FI zone
  • Photos and videos from all over the course

In addition to the price you get

  • The book PARAGLIDING worth CZK 200
  • On-line theoretical preparation before the course
  • Year subscription to the Student account at the training site www.eparagliding.cz worth CZK 990
  • gift package

You can order

  • Accommodation in school cottages STANDARD (250 CZK / night)
  • Accommodation in school cottages PRIMA (300 CZK / night)
  • Breakfast and dinner

Are Beskydy for you far and you are looking for training in the vicinity of Prague? Then this is for you:

Basic lessons at the ALTO Paragliding School

4 days of basic training in Prague and 5 days of high-flight flights in the Beskydy Mountains or abroad

It’s never to late to start flying…

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