XC Training

Five training days in must-go european sites with our best cross country instructors. This is the training which will make you a cross country pilot. PILOTS 3-5.

Price: 7900 CZK


Three-week programme full of travelling, exploring and flying. We fly and travel in ratio 50-50. We love to travel and explore the world with some altitude. Suitable for category Pilot 2-5.

Price: 14900 CZK

XC Bivaques

18-day bivaque expedition in unknown remote areas. This is the top of the flying in high mountains. PILOTS 4-5.

Price: 14900 CZK

Two-year XC programme


Our tandem pilots take advantage of good conditions for cross country everytime during the flying season in Beskydy. El Speedo tandem pilots team is ready to help you to fly various tracks in Beskydy. You just need to sing up for this programme and follow our facebook group Piloti.cz. That’s the way you will know when and were we are about to fly with our clients.

The programme EAGLE is included in price of XC Training and El Speedo EXPEDITION

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