The Elementary Course of Powered Paragliding – First Phase

If you don’t live around hilly landscape but still would love to fly over interesting nature to watch the Earth from the bird perspective, powered paragliding is just for you.

Price: from 2900 CZK

The Elementary Course of Powered Paragliding – Second Phase (MPG or PPG licence)

The flights with engine behind your back are unusual and simple opportunity to see wonderful sceneries from the birds’ perspective. It is possible to fly low, to fly high, to fly far. Let yourself be amazed by all the possibilities which powered paragliding offers you.

Price: from 5000 CZK

Inspection by MPK Operations Inspector

If you are interested in the issue of the Motor Pilot License, we are also prepared for you by an inspector you need to obtain the license.
Price: 1000 CZK
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