Online test for a PILOT licence

Theoretical test is a part of the final examination for obtaining a Pilot licence. Try it, test your knowledge, know the extent of theoretical preparation in our courses.

Prepare before your El Speedo Paragliding Course

Pre-course preparation is a quality tool enabling you to get even more knowledge and skill because at home you have the time and quiet to read and see through all the texts and visual materials and prepare your questions for your instructors.

Watch video tutorials


Meteorology basics for pilots – Clouds

Meteorology basics for pilots – Atmospheric fronts

Meteorology basics for pilots – Thermal currents

Meteorology basics for pilots – Storm

Paragliding (sport flying… Safely!) – Preparation

Paragliding (sport flying… Safely!) – Take off

Paragliding (sport flying… Safely!) – Escaping Maneuvers

Paragliding (sport flying… Safely!) –  Landing

El Speedo instructors practical advice

About paragliding

Forward Launch


Rescue Parachute

Wind and Clouds


Paraglider Restart

Paraglider Stall

Dangerous Phenomena

Frontal Systems

Escaping Maneuvers

Canopy Collapses

Active Piloting

Acrobatic Basics

Air Space

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    Beskydy Meteo

    for pilots enrolled in the HAWK program

    We want to provide all pilots signed in this program with the most accurate information about the actual day potential and our training plans and locations.

    We try to upload a video meteo analysys between 7 am and 8 am of every Elementary paragliding course day. Await training meteo video on rather flyable days than on obviously bad weather days.

     What is what?

    We have prepared video questions related to paragliding flying for you. Learn with us to fly safer…

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