Thermalling high above the mountains

This sight is just always the best. To fly, to move high above the ground is an extraordinary experience. You feel respect and enourmous desire.

It is the feeling which is deep in our mind – so frequently put in poetry, in thinkers’ and philosophers’ minds. Let’s try it as well – higher and longer…

Fly with us abroad for the czech prices!

Well, it is necessary to admit that the Alps are just higher, more spacious, more spiked and aesthetically more interesting.

But you can fly with us in the Alps as well. We are in the Alps on some course practically every week during the spring, summer and autumn time. And we never forget to put our tandem gliders to the car.

Call our office and learn more about where we are heading. You can get our scheldule where specifically in Alps you may find us.

We will prepare you for safe start

We will put you firmly into the harness and explain to you how to help us with taking off. We will prepare our glider and the rest of the gear. Also we will tell you how to use the sport full HD camera and what are the best way to shoot the whole flight. Then later, we will check you once more, attach you to us and the glider and then we will just wait for the right breeze.

Short run, last feeling of the ground and we fly! Nothing that complicated.

Landing? Easier than you would thought…

There is always an official landing place underneath every take off. In the end of the flight, we will approach the landing secotr and focus on the last phase of the landing – touching the ground again. In order to be sure that you will not hurt your ankles during the landing, we will ask you to stretch your legs and put them up to utilise the protector which is under your seat. The glider will fall behind us shortly and you can enjoy the old-new feeling of solid earth underneath your feet.

The tin can…

full of joy and adrenaline

Instant adrenalin in a tin cover – that is a funny possibility to surprise your friends and relatives. The gift package of the thermal flight contains closed tin can with a T-shirt in it and the gift voucher and further instruction.

We will be happy to help you with choosing the right type of flight for you. Both personally in El Speedo office or by phone.

Detail info

Duration of flight:

It depends mainly on the current weather conditions but basically 20 minutes or longer. The duration and altitude of flight depend on the difference of temperatures in various altitudes and on sun activity. That is why we invite you to do this type of flight from late March to the end of August – this period is the best for thermalling when 20 minutes is no problem and we usually reach altitude over 2000 metres.
When it comes to time demandness of the whole trip for this flight, be advised that it takes usually from 60 to 90 inutes.

Suitable flight conditions

We carry out the thermal flights with the mild and mid strong wind up to 8 metres per second which of course depends mainly on specific starting site. Depending on your schedule and current weather conditions we choose those flying terrains that are appropriate to the current wind directions.

We usually go to these sites for thermal flights in Beskydy:

– Javorový,

– Prašivá,

– Ondřejník-Skalka,

– Javorník,

– Lysá hora.

For flying in Jeseniky, we use these sites:

– Dolní Morava

– Kamenec

Unfortunately, we do not go a lot for flying to Jeseniky due to lack of good flying days. We need to be ready for moving this kind of flight to Beskydy. We will keep you informed if the conditions would be about to set us back in Jeseniky.

For thermal flights in Krkonoše, we go to:

– Černá hora,

– Kozákov,

– Medvědín.

For thermal flights abroad, the most common for us are following:

– Krippenstein (Halstatt lake, Austria),

– Bassano del Grappa (Veneto, Italy),

– Lijak (Nova Gorica, Slovenia),

– Kobala, Stol (Tolmin, Slovenia),

– or any other site in the Alps.

Demands for the passenger

– the passenger is suitable for both children and adults; all that matters is you weight which should be from 5 to 115 kg
– for the flight itself, we recommend you to wear high trekking shoe with fix ankle, long trousers and windproof jacket. It is nice to have sunglasses when the sun is shining happily.

The flight:

Before the flight itself, there is a short preparation including the instructions for landing. We will adjust the harness to your size and try a little bit of running with the harness. If interested, the tandem pilot will explain you principles of paragliding. Then you will be seated and got a helmet.
After a short running down the hill, you will be flying. You will be seated in front of the pilot, literally in the first row. The flight itself takes roughly from 6 to 12 minutes which depends mainly on current flying condition.
You may shoot your own pictures if you take your camera for flying. However we recommend this option for the thermal flight. It is so much better just to enjoy the view. We offer you to take the pictures or make a video ourselves.


Of course, you may invite your closest to watch you flying directly on start or they may watch the landing.

The number of passengers:

The tandem glider is just for two persons, ie one pilot and one passenger. However, if interested, let us know in advance that you would like to start within a group and we will gather our crew to fly with you all!

How to do it?

Order your flight by our online form or by phone (+ 420 777 311 661) or personally in our office. You will be told the specific date, place and hour of your flight by your tandem pilot who will contact you in advance. Do not forget to take your voucher with you.

Fly with us to the sky!

Máte dotaz?

Zrovna někde lítáme, ale pokud nám chcete zanechat vzkaz, napište nám! :)


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