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This part of the site is dedicated to the technical and information support of our customers and all the other pilots we meet in the slopes and skies.
Thank you for your goodwill and interesting ideas.

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Techcnical information in English:
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Orders in English:
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El Speedo partner for Spain, Andorra and Portugal:
Jean Pierre Martinez, tel.: (0034) 685 80 66 11, e-mail: jpflyspain@gmail.com

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Mon – Fri: 10:00 – 16:00
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El Speedo s.r.o.,
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registered in the Commercial Register at the Regional Court in Ostrava, section C / Entry 31285

Your personal El Speedo Account

Having a personal El Speedo account – this is our way to long-term care of your targeted pilot development and your safety arising from your gradual education and from the use of a safe and regularly inspected equipment. And at the same time it is a tool through which we are able to create a very attractive and personalized price offers of different products depending on your level of pilot skills and knowledge.
Your personal El Speedo ID is used in the administration of your orders, but mainly it is the storage of your training logs from our educational system PES (Pilot Education System). And that’s what gives El Speedo teaching another dimension.
Use the opportunity to look back into your workout and learn from previous mistakes…

What is included?
– The history of your El Speedo courses and events in which you have participated,
– Records of training exercises, including errors and the right solutions from the PES app,
– Access to the paid educational content site www.eparagliding.cz (annual STUDENT account in the value of 990 CZK is free for any Basic course or some other courses from our offer for pilots participants)
– Records of your completed tests to obtain a Pilot license,
– Record of your currently achieved El Speedo pilot level, which allows you to benefit from El Speedo graduate discounts of 10-50%

How to create a new El Speedo Account?

1) Sign in to any of El Speedo courses and trips and your El Speedo account will be automatically created. After paying the deposit you will also get access to a user account on the training website www.eparagliding.cz. All the information about the newly opened account and activated access to the online learning will be sent to you via e-mail.

2) If you would like to create an El Speedo account yourself, simply visit www.eparagliding.cz, select “LOGIN” from the top menu on the right side and follow the instructions to create. If you then log in to any of El Speedo event, your new account with all its benefits will be automatically synchronized with the one you created earlier. The key for this synchronization is your e-mail address as a login name.

About free flying and the choice of place of start

Free (non-powered) gliding is truly unique, though more demanding on organization amongst other air sports. Use of take off places in paragliding is happening according to the current wind direction and strength.

Wind direction
A paraglider start is possible almost only when taking off against the wind. Therefore the usability of a specific take off site is dependent on its exposure into geographic direction and the relief of surroundings. And of course, the current general wind direction.

Wind strenght
Usability of the take off in terms of wind strength is determined by its altitude (usually the wind strengthens with height) and the topography around the take off. Wind strength is also affected by valley flow and thermal activity. More rugged surroundings of the take off create dangerous turbulence in stronger winds.

One can imagine the flow of wind like the flow of water. It turns variously and zigzags according to the terrain and the speed of the flow – it seeks the path of least resistance.

These invisible actions must be analyzed and taken into account by your tandem pilot when deciding on the place and time of your flight.

Therefore different spots are suitable for different wind directions and varying strength of the wind.

So just to let you know why our tandem pilots will offer you one or another flight terrain in different dates and times…

Reserve parachute repacking

In the Czech Republic having a reserve parachute system on board is mandatory whilst flying higher than 150 m AGL. But this is the prescription and it does’t mean that in lower heights it wouldn’t work!

The use of reserve parachute goes in several stages and some of the most important are pulling it out of the harness (outer container) and then throwing it targeted in free space.

Proper and regularly checked installing in harness and fresh repack of a reserve parachute has a major effect on how fast and effective its use will be.

We recommend repacking your rescue parachute at least once a year. But forgetting and saying “OK, I’ll do it next time.” means not having it repacked far too long. So always try to have it repacked once more in the middle of season.

Every end of February we organize PARASEM – an event where everybody can get tuition and try their system in real-like situation and then have it repacked while there are another entertainments and lectures at the weekend.

If you don’t make it to PARASEM, you can bring or send us your harness with the parachute into El Speedo office. Our instructors will take care of the repack of any design of reserve parachute.

The price of the repacking service is CZK 500.

Glider periodic inspections

Technical inspections, also called two-year-check, of paragliders give their owners regular information about condition in which their gliders are. During an inspection, a glider can be repaired and amended for future safe flying.

The strength of the canopy material, sewing integrity, strength and dimensions of lines and risers are checked both visually and by precise measurement. After all measurements and their evaluation there is also a practical test flight.

Usual period of inspections is two years or 100 hours of air time. Though the technical inspector can set a shorter period.

Paragliders bought in El Speedo can be brought for an inspection into our office. We will take care of it. Please call or e-mail us if you want to book a specific date of your inspection.

The price of technical inspection of El Speedo paragliders is CZK 1000.
The price of technical inspection of others paragliders is CZK 1400.

Technical certificates

In the Czech Republic, every paraglider must also be issued the Technical certificate. This is a card with the model, size and the serial number of the glider on the front side and the records of periodical inspections on the rear side. It is blue A-type for certified paragliders and yellow Z-type for series-produced non certified paragliders (not prototypes).

If bought in the Czech Republic, a paraglider comes right with its Technical certificate. Imported paraglider for regular use in the Czech republic should be issued its Technical certificate by a Paragliding Technical Inspector of LAA CR. Also when lost or damaged, a new Technical certificate should be issued by a Paragliding Technical Inspector of LAA CR via the producer or an importer.

The new copy of Technical certificate costs CZK 200.

Technical certificates for EL SPEEDO paragliders are issued by our office.


The need of a paraglider repair can be found during a technical inspection or just by yourself during a daily check or after a tree landing etc.

When repacking a reserve parachute we can also find a need of repair of your harness.

You can consult our instructors directly on the flying terrain or bring your equipment into our office – small amendments and repairs can be often solved on spot. For larger repairs we will try to suggest the most advantageous repair procedure.

Complex paraglider canopy repairs and important harness and riser stitching is sent to get done by a producer or a certified repair center in the Czech Republic.

We consult the estimate of costs of a repair with you before the repair is done so you could decide about it.

Call (+420 777 311 661) or e-mail (info @ elspeedo . cz) our El Speedo office to ask about or book a repair.

Radio programming

In El Speedo shop, you can buy two-way radios for communication with your flying friends or any other hobby activity. And also you can use them during our courses or to be in connection with an instructor who is having a course during your individual flying at the same spot.

The easiest way to get tuned on the instructor’s frequency is to have our El Speedo set of frequencies programmed in the memory of your radio. With this, by asking for a simple channel number, you can quickly tune your radio on the course’s frequency in a few seconds.

In El Speedo, we sell radios already programmed. So you had an easier start. But you may have bought a radio of the same make somewhere else or your set of programmed frequencies is not up to date.

If you are interested in having your radio programmed, just call us to arrange a meeting with our technician. The procedure is only a quick upload of memory data into your radio by connecting it to a computer.

Technical information

BOBBY (EN A paraglider)
FREDDIE 2 (EN B paraglider)
JIMMY 2 (EN B paraglider)
OZZY (EN C paraglider)
OZZY 2 (EN C paraglider)
JANIS (EN D paraglider)
DON ČÍČO (tandem EN B paraglider)
OLIVIER (tandem EN B paraglider)

Paragliding harnesses
CHOGORI (verze XC a Light, modely 2015)

Rescue parachutes
El Speedo RS
El Speedo RS SOLID

Variometer SKY BEAN – El Speedo series
Variometer Sky Drop Ultrino

How to enable older El Speedo Account?

It’s possible that your El Speedo account has not been used for a long time and you forgot the log-in details. Then we have two options:

Via the link “LOGIN” on www.eparagliding.cz you can apply for a new password to your e-mail address.

If you do not know what e-mail address you have used to sign in your El Speedo account, please call El Speedo office and we can tell you the e-mail after quick identification.

If you have created a new account and would like it to synchronize it with the older El Speedo account, please call us on +420 777 311 661 and we will help you to solve it.

How to apply for the next El Speedo Pilot level?

El Speedo Pilot level is verified and confirmed by an El Speedo instructor during courses and elsewhere. The acquired level is written in the system either directly by an instructor using the PES or in El Speedo office at the initiative of the instructor.

This information is part of your El Speedo account and when you log in to your account, your prices in our menu will also change dynamically.

Your Pilot level is to be found in your user account on El Speedo Learning Site – www.eparagliding.cz or directly in our office at tel. 777 311 661 or e-mail info (at) elspeedo.cz.

Training center laws and prescriptions

In our paragliding training center we train new pilots, educate advanced pilots and also prepare future professional pilots.
Administration of sport flying, including issuing necessary licenses is, in the Czech Republic, solely managed by the LAA ČR (Light Aircraft Association of the Czech Republic) on behalf of the Ministry of Transport. Tuition and licenses issuing are prescribed by law and regulations issued by LAA ČR and therefore it is necessary to follow them.
El Speedo teaching methods are based on the LAA ČR prescription PL3 (mandatory teaching curricula). But the layering of subjects and specializations of our individual courses and educational events goes well beyond this mandatory outline.

More about El Speedo tuition methods can be found here: http://www.chciletat.cz/katalog-kurzy/10-titulni-strany/48-katalog-metodika

Our menu of training options for graduates of Basic Courses is here: http://www.chciletat.cz/katalog-kurzy/12-katalog/18-katalog-kurzy-pro-piloty

And our training program for advanced pilots: http://www.chciletat.cz/katalog-kurzy/12-katalog/19-katalog-kurzy-pro-pokrocile

How to take care of El Speedo equipment?

Safe usage of a paraglider is highly dependent on regular servicing and maintenance.

If handled with care and stored appropriately, your paraglider can serve well for many years. Conversely, neglecting maintenance, bad storage and the use of unsuitable cleaning agents may significantly reduce the life of your paragliding equipment, or even make it potentially dangerous.

To extend the lifespan of El Speedo paragliders follow these rules:

– Choose start places with minimal risk of catching the paraglider on roots or rocks. This unnecessarily increases the possibility of damage to cords, loops or canopy. Do not step on lines when preparing for launch or packing your paraglider.

– During landing do not let the canopy fall forward over your head and hit the ground with its leading edge. The pressure surge can cause serious damage inside the canopy.

– Do not make knots on the lines, it could damage the inside fibers.

– Try to manipulate the paraglider so as to avoid the unnecessary mechanical stress. Pulling it over any sharp surfaces significantly reduces the life of the canopy.

– Do not expose your paraglider to sun’s UV rays unnecessarily. Long sitting at the take off with the paraglider outspread reduces the lifespan of your equipment. Likewise, the material is destroyed by storage in damp condition. The coating stiffness of the fabric degrades inside and outside and there is a risk of fungal decay. But do not dry your equipment in direct sunlight.

– Make sure that your paraglider is stored or transported at temperatures lower than 50° C.

– Avoid contact of paragliding equipment with seawater. If that happens, rinse your equipment with fresh water very thoroughly as soon as possible.

– Use protective inner bag for storing paraglider in a backpack.

For musicians

The situation is that we love music, we play ourselves some of those instruments, and some of El Speedo members and our friends have their own bands and it means that we can make room for a quality musical entertainment.

PARASEM and KATUSHA – these are the events that turn into a sort of smaller music festivals at night and during these evenings we have gotten used to listen to, sing and dance in a program of several bands of different genres.

Are you a member of a musical band or perform alone? Do you want to participate in our events and play for us? People who attend these events are accustomed to have a good time, and so I believe that you could also spend enjoyable and inspiring time with us.

Email me at dali (at) elspeedo.cz, send a CD with your music, or even a DVD of your concert and we’ll arrange the next steps.

For children

So after all those crazy years we have gotten to a time when most of us in El Speedo have children of different ages and so we started to prepare the various events for children.

Adrenaline children’s day, children’s MTB race, children’s program at KATUSHA and ADRENALIN CUP, trampolines, zorbing, painting, inflating the parachutes, night climbs of the Beskydy Mountains peaks, rappelling, rope bridges, just about anything we can think of. So is the energy spared and we go for it, because we enjoy spending time with children.

If you have a tip or idea to the realization of some children’s event or yourself have children and would like to participate in the organization of some of our upcoming events, please notify us at info (at) elspeedo.cz

Thank you…


We regularly take part in travel or outdoor festivals and meetings in which we speak about free flying, paragliding expeditions, but also about travel events, which we have a decent line.

If you would like to fill some of your upcoming event program with the paragliding-themed presentation, just arrange the dates with us and we will come to you.

Conversely, if you have an interesting valuable material to show and would like to present it to others, we are ready to provide you with a room at one of our events such as KATUSHA, PARASEM or any other of our Club meetings.

E-mail us about your ideas and possibilities at dali (at) elspeedo.cz.

LUFTMAN – about the most skillful pilot

From the very beginning of free (non-powered) flying, the target has been to stay in the air the longest. And LUFTMAN is a competition only about this discipline. It’s not how far or how fast, but how long. One of the advantages of this event is the realization in a relatively small area – around one flight terrain and within the reach of El Speedo online system of interim results. Thanks to it even the competitors can see the situation of the others and they can attempt further enhancement of their times.

In terms of organization we need 2 organizers at the take off and 6 organizers for the landing zone and the timer.

This is a one-day race in the Beskydy mountains or elsewhere, and the current dates can be found on www.luftman.cz or we’ll give it to you in El Speedo Office.


Great event, challenging trails, a lot of teams and a lot of adrenaline – this is an extreme team relay race in the Beskydy Mountains.

El Speedo has traditionally been in charge of technical support during the race and all that with help of 80 organizers, without whom this great race just did not go.

You also have the option to join the organization, help at the tracks directly during the race or even earlier in their preparation. The whole race and the final after party is traditionally very worth it…

For dates and further information about the race, please go to www.adrenalincup.com. Inquiries or applications into El Speedo organizing team via info(at) speedo.cz

KATUSHA – extreme in Beskydy

This unique extreme individual and relay race has been organized since 2006 every second weekend in September at Javorový hill near Třinec.

A runner, a paraglider and a biker race in the team category. The most versatile athletes can handle all those disciplines themselves as individuals and fight for the title Javorový man. The race is regularly attended by more than 100 competitors.

For more information about the competition go to: www.katusha.cz.

Every year for this competition organization we need 10-15 people as patrols at the tracks and for timekeeping. As a reward for your help you can count on Katusha T-shirt, 200 CZK, snack and evening after party with several live concerts with great music.

E-mail your ideas and time possibilities to El Speedo office at info(at) elspeedo.cz.

If you are a musician and would like to perform at Katusha, send us your music CD/DVD or a record from one of your concerts and if it will fit into the program we can agree on the details and conditions.

Thank you…


This two-day event is aimed at testing and repacking reserve parachutes, paragliding themed lectures and first aid training.

The event is always held in the second half of February in the Beskydy Mountains. The last few years, we tested you in the use of reserve parachutes in the complex U Bobra – by the river at the beginning of Raškovice. The lectures were held in Frydek-Mistek club Stolárna. A big assumption is that this will happen a few more years.

At this event you can help us as a staff by the trainer line – we need 4-6 people, such as assistants at packing parachutes – we need 6-8 people.

E-mail your ideas and time possibilities to El Speedo office at info (at) elspeedo.cz.

Thank you…

Flying terrains

Beskydy flying school, which is part of El Speedo, is the lessee or manager of several take-offs and landing zones in the Beskydy Mountains. They are Javorový, Godula, Prašivá, Lysá hora and other smaller fields for ground handling training and low flights.

Organization of paragliding operation at these flight terrains is covered under civil society organization Beskydy Pilots.

If you would like to be helpful in maintaining and developing the flight terrains in the Beskydy Mountains, register on www.pilotivbeskydech.cz as member (membership is free and suggestions and votes are handled via an online form).

By signing in you get the opportunity to actively participate in events around paragliding in Beskydy Mountains. By your signing in we gain important voices in the negotiations on mutual benefits, discounts, insurance and raising funds for new projects for pilots.

You do not need to live in the Beskydy Mountains to become a member of the Beskydy Pilots club and participate in its activities and make use of offers for members. The club is open to all pilots.


Creating a new take-off costs about CZK 150,000 and the rent and the operation of any existing take-off costs about CZK 20,000 per year. These costs we cover largely out of our educational activities and from occasional contributions from some organizations. If would already know that you would like to support our activities either financially or by recommending our services to other people, we are of course very pleased.

Call us to share your idea or options on tel. +420 603 311 661 and arrange the next steps.

Help in courses – Assistant program

The El Speedo project has been built of team work of many people with the will to do things better, in higher quality and more enjoyable. And I have to say that it has always been pleasure to just meet the instructors at the events and courses. They are nice people who speak the same language and aim to the same targets – we serve our clients to introduce them safely and remarkably into free flying and we enjoy it so much.

I took the liberty of a little foreword, to give you a better idea of what we offer in the Assistant program. This program offers beginners and also advanced pilots the possibility to participate in the work of El Speedo team. And that means some benefits and some responsibilities.

The benefits of an assistant are:
the possibility of an effective and complex pilot education,
free accommodation in our flight park during agreed assistance,
advantageous conditions when shopping for El Speedo paragliding equipment,
advantageous conditions when taking part in El Speedo courses and events,
preparation for instructorship.

The requirements for an assistant are:
a pilot license,
communicative skills,
a driving license,
team work ability.

The assistant’s duties are:
to help course attendants during training,
photographing and filming,
respecting the internal rules of the school

Come to see us at least for one Basic course in Beskydy. You can stay in our Flight park. Help us and our students during the training, see what you can get by doing it and show us what you can share with us and our students, fly with us, have fun.
If we like each other’s approach we can agree further cooperation.
In the first season we usually try to get to know each other. New assistants find out what involvement in our team can bring them and our instructors pay attention to whether the new assistant has the desirable skills, energy and team spirit.
For the next season we can offer a deeper cooperation connected with a personal training and remuneration. In this stage we focus more on preparation for instructorship and connecting the assistants into our team work. These assistants come with us to the courses abroad, our team events and get in the right pace…

If you are interested, write me about yourself, about your flying experience, your motivation and your time possibilities at dali(at)elspeedo.cz

See you soon…
Dalibor Carbol

How we work in El Speedo?

The whole El Speedo project has been created as a space in which we can fully express our active way of life, invention and energy.

We organize paragliding tuition, paragliding competitions, team relay races, mountain bike races, corporate events, tandem paragliding, club meetings, expeditions, lessons, workshops, seminars and presentations. We look after flying sites and release significant amounts for their set up and maintenance. We create projects for children, invest in the development of new applications – just by doing what we enjoy and what we think that makes sense.

You often ask how you can help and you often really help. You help us and via us you help others and so you often help yourselves.

And here you can choose a project or theme which you are interested in and find out how you can be beneficial.

Booking a pilot

Our office can notice you in your preferred time period and connect you with a pilot. The communication will be then only between the two of you.

If you prefer to take action and contact the pilot yourself, just choose one from our team.

Booking a date

Generally, we can say that the paragliding season in the Czech Republic, namely in the Beskydy, Jeseníky and Krkonoše, spreads from early April to late October. This, of course, may vary according to the actual situation.

Basic tandem flights can be realized at almost any time within this period. The times of thermal and aerobatic flights, however, need to be tuned into thermally active days in between 11 am – 4 pm, when there is a chance to gain sufficient height. Cross country flights in Beskydy are the most demanding on timing and weather and require your patient adaption to the term chosen by your pilot. The reward is then a very intensive and memorable experience.

If you already know you’d like to fly on a specific date at a specific location, wait for information about your pilot from El Speedo office and talk to him about these matters personally. Or you can directly select one of our pilots and agree with him on your preferences.

Thanks for understanding…

Flight type change

You can find several types of tandem flights in El Speedo offer. Naturally, you can come to a conclusion that instead of Basic flight you would rather present a Thermal flight or any other.

The easiest way to change the type of flight is to agree it directly with your pilot. If you are already in contact with one of our pilots, just explain him/her your wishes and he/she will suggest the right solution to fulfill your requests.

If you are not in contact with a pilot yet, please contact our office via e-mail or telephone and we will help you to change the voucher or connect you with one of our pilots.

Flight voucher prolongation

All of our flight tickets and vouchers have their expiration of one year since the date of purchase. However, this does not mean that after this date the ticket would be valueless.

The one year expiration period has been set due to a possible change of prices. If your flight voucher has expired, just bring it to our office or send it via mail and we will prolong the date of expiry. Only if there is a difference between your voucher price and actual flight price, your voucher will be prolonged after a payment of the difference.

Your experience

We are firmly committed to providing quality service and bringing you a pleasant experience and overall feeling that you have about free flying.

We kindly ask you for feedback, where you can tell us what you were most excited about and also what we can improve.

At http://ankety.elspeedo.cz/tandemove-lety you can find online form to communicate with us, or just e-mail or call our El Speedo office.

Thanks for your cooperation…

Legislation for obtaining a PILOT license

How to get a pilot’s license?
During our Basic Course we prepared you practically and theoretically for a final examinations. You’ve had fulfilled the training syllabus and in the end of your course you passed the examinations with the Paragliding operations inspector LAA CR. If you succeeded, and would like to continue on independent flying, you certainly want to know how to arrange it. You hold your personal certificate, an envelope with the LAA ČR address on it that you found in our gift bag, and may need to be reminded what to do…

Pilot licenses in the Czech Republic are issued solely by the Light Aircraft Association of the Czech Republic (LAA CR). Independent flying only with confirmed Personal certificate is forbidden!

To apply for and obtain a PILOT license therefore you will need:

Personal certificate confirmed by a paragliding operational inspector. If the pilot was granted a relief from the training it must be accompanied by copies of all documents (pilot licenses) under which relief was granted. The Personal certificate is valid 90 days following the final practical examination.

The medical ability examination ICAO Class II. For free (non-powered) solo flying it is possible to get a medical check from a Czech general practitioner (this examination you have probably passed together with another students at the beginning of our course and as such it is certified in your Personal certificate).

A color passport size photograph – legibly marked with your name. It can also be digitized and sent via e-mail,

Proof of payment of the administrative fee. If you are also applying to register any other qualifications, fees add up. Personal visit of LAA CR is possible to make the payment in cash on the spot. Credit/debit cards are not accepted by LAA CR.
Fees for issuing pilot licenses

Current LAA CR fee for issuing a new pilot license is CZK 1,800. Solo, free flying (non-powered) Pilot license is valid for 10 years and the medical examination is valid for up to 60 years of age. After your 60’s birthday you will need a medical examination (just from a GP) repeated every 2 years. More information can be found directly on the site www.laacr.cz.

Now you know that you just need the evidence listed above along with a photo inserted into the prepared envelope and toss it in the mail. Within 10 days your brand new Pilot license will arrive at your address and your individual flying in the Czech Republic is legalized.

If you need a valid license for flying out of the Czech Republic, find your nearest paragliding operations inspector of LAA CR who saw you flying and buy an IPPI card from him (price normally 200 CZK). This should, in combination with Czech pilot license, provide legal flying all around the world. IPPI card validity is unlimited in time, but linked to the validity of Czech pilot license.

Expired Personal certificate

Paragliding tuition in the Czech republic is regulated by the LAA CR PL3 prescription. This prescription also defines the duty of instructors to record the evidence of specified lessons in so called Personal certificate.
This document is the record of your theoretical and practical preparation and also the proof of passed examinations. In El Speedo the examinations by LAA CR Paragliding operations inspector is a part of the Basic Course and there is no extra fee for it.
The Personal certificate is valid 90 days following the final practical examination. We recommend applying for the Pilot license as soon as possible to avoid the troubles of exceeding this deadline.

Prolongation of Personal certificate
If you, for whatever reason, missed the 90 day limit for applying for the Pilot license and want to do so now, you have to pass a new examination which will be recorded in your Personal certificate.

Practically, you have two options:
– Come to fly with us at least for one day during any Basic course. New theoretical and practical examination and prolongation of Personal certificate will cost you CZK 1000.
– Take part in any El Speedo course or flying trip in the Czech Republic or abroad and the examinations and prolongation will be included in the cost of the product.

Issuing a new Personal certificate
If you lose or damage your Personal certificate during the 90 day period and need to issue a new one with all the records, we can solve the situation too. This will cost you CZK 500.

Common sense in flying after a long break
When your Personal certificate is over 9 moths expired, meaning that you haven’t trained with a paraglider for more then 9 months since finishing the Basic course, it is good to admit that repeating at least a part of the course would be a good idea.
There you have a special offer on any of our Basic courses, Aftercourses or similar events. If you have your own equipment, you can also use free El Speedo flying under the supervision of an instructor. But if you feel that you need a full instructor service at the takeoff and landing area, we’d rather recommend you the possibility of our daily tuition for 1500 CZK/day (including equipment).

More information is available at El Speedo office on +420 777 311 661.

Expired Pilot license

Each pilot license contains information about the pilot, the serial number of the license and the dates of issue nad expiry.

For Pilot license, Sport pilot license and Competition pilot license the validity period is 10 years from the issuance or the last prolongation. Tandem pilots and Powered paragliding pilots have their licenses valid for just two years from the date of their last medical check.

Pilot licenses are extended by LAA CR (the same organization that is issuing the licenses).

To extend a Pilot license you need:

– Completed and signed form “Extending the Pilot license.”

– The medical certificate issued by an Authorized Medical Examiner. For free (non-powered) solo flying it is possible to have a check from a Czech general practitioner. Pilots of single-seated non-powered paragliders and hang gliders who, during the last revalidation of their license documented examination dated after 1. 7. 2006 (valid up to 60 years of age) may not have to attend again.

– The current pilot’s license.

– Proof of payment of an administrative fee. During a personal visit you can make the payment in cash on the spot. Credit cards are not accepted.

If the validity of your Pilot license is forfeited for more than 90 days, you need a written confirmation of recommendation from the Paragliding operations inspector of LAA CR.

To address this last point, you have two options:
You make the time to come to us for at least one day of a Basic course during high altitude flights. If you are able to take off, fly and land independently, we confirm your documents, and this will cost you CZK 500.
You decide to attend any of El Speedo courses in the Czech Republic or abroad, examination and the written recommendation will be free, included in the price of this event.

Flying abroad legally

Whether you want to fly anywhere in Europe or other terrains around the world, you should always prepare by getting information about the legal conditions for paragliding in the country. Preferably through their official organizations and local flying clubs.
Some of them can be found at this link: http://start.fai.org/hg-federations.asp.

For legal flying abroad you will need:

– Valid Pilot license,

– IPPI card (International Pilot Proficiency Identification)

– Liability insurance for damage caused by a paraglider operation,

– Often a paraglider certified by an internationally recognized testing institution and labeled (usually stuck inside the middle cell or on the ear of a canopy),

– Medical expenses insurance for paragliding.

So if you are going on a trip, check the validity of your Pilot license. If you do not have an IPPI card, contact your PG operations inspector who can issue you one. And buy a liability insurance. The minimum amount of liability insurance cover will vary by country, and sometimes it is not even set by the law. But be aware that if you cause damage you probably cannot avoid the compensation. Travel insurance of medical expenses valid also for paragliding is a must. Doctors, medical centers and especially rescue services get it checked immediately, and if you are not insured, you are usually required payment in cash.

What is it IPPI card?
Since 1992, the IPPI Card (International Pilot Proficiency Identification Card) provides a standard reference by which all national rating programs may be compared. When you travel abroad this card, together with your national rating card, will identify your pilot skills. It gives flying site managers, instructors and others responsible for hang gliding and/or paragliding flight operations an easy way of verifying your pilot experience level prior to approval of flight activities.
The SafePro Delta and/or ParaPro stage on your card reflects your pilot proficiency. Please note that SafePro Delta is for hang gliding and ParaPro is for paragliding. You can see from the enclosed synopsis of SafePro Delta and ParaPro what the different stages are.
The card is valid only together with a current national license or rating card.
There are 5 levels of IPPI rating called Para Pro. (Designation Safe Pro Delta is designed for hang gliders). Here is a brief overview of the classification of individual stages according to the flight experience:

Level 1
Students who don’t fly higher than they would care to fall.

Level 2
Students who have altitude and space to maneuver but no soaring.

Level 3
Pilots soaring in a generally undemanding conditions.

Level 4
Pilots soaring or thermal flying in difficult conditions (turbulence, thermals, steep and more complex slopes).

Level 5
Cross county pilots. This stage can only get a pilot licensed Sport pilot or Competition pilot.

Examples of conditions for foreign pilots in some countries:

Is the IPPI Card accepted?
Until summer 2014, the IPPI Card was tolerated. Not any more. At the time being, the Austrian federation is collecting data from several countries, to find out whose licenses are acceptable for the ministry of transport. The new rules should be published soon, showing the specific and accepted countries.
The only one that might be accepted by our ministry of transport seems to be: CZE, GER, ROM, SLO, SUI.
According to El Speedo experience nowadays (2016) flying can be legalized by obtaining a Guest Pilot license from a local school for a small fee.
The minimum legal insurance coverage is for HG/PG: EUR 1.235.000 Third Party Liability, Tandem HG/PG additional: Passenger Liability EUR 218.000; passenger accident insurance: EUR 40.000,-.

The IPPI Card is accepted in the country.
The minimum insurance coverage of a third party liability insurance required is 500.000 EUR but FIVL recommends and provides to its members 1 Million EUR.

The IPPI Card is accepted in the country.
There is no minimum legal insurance coverage required by law in the country. But BHPA (http://www.bhpa.co.uk) strongly recommends to have both liability and medical expenses insurance for guest pilots.

The IPPI Card is accepted in the country.
All pilots are required to have Personal Liability insurance cover for €1,500,000 or more if they wish to fly in Ireland.

The IPPI Card is accepted in France.
Although there is no minimum insurance coverage requirement, third party liability insurance is mandatory in France.
FFVL (http://federation.ffvl.fr) offers to its members a 4,6 Million EUR coverage for body injury and/or damage to third parties. Search, rescue and repatriation are included in the basic insurance. Through its membership FFVL offers the same coverage to all pilots from any country.

IPPI is not recognized by Polish authorities, however it is honored by non-government entities, associations, takeoff site owners etc. According to Polish Aviation Law (Article 95), to fly without instructor’s assistance, a pilot from the EU needs only to have his national license.
You need to be insured against civil liability for at least 350.000 PLN, which is approximately 80.000 EUR.

IPPI is not accepted by law.
Foreign pilots of flying sport devices (FSD), who own their national documents required for flying need an approval of the Traffic Bureau of Slovak Republic for admission to the area of the Slovak Republic.
That means instructors, site managers and event organizers in Slovakia are recognizing IPPI proficiency and experience levels, but it doesn’t allow foreign pilots to fly legally in Slovak airspace. Those who want to fly legally in Slovakia should follow instructions on this website:
Applications should be issued promptly (few working days).
Minimum required legal third party liability insurance coverage is 16.600 EUR. Medical expenses insurance including cover of emergency-rescue and helicopter transport is strongly recommended.

According to safety regulative by CAA, level 4 is required for local unsupervised flying and level 5 for XC flying. Pilot with no IPPI card or with IPPI stage below 4 can only fly under supervision of the instructor.

Conversion to Sport Pilot license

In El Speedo, we also do retraining for flying with higher category paragliders. Tuition is again based on compulsory training curriculum of LAA CR – the prescription PL3.

Current performance EN-C and EN-D gliders, which one can, in the Czech Republic, only fly under the Sport Pilot license or higher, however, require not only mean dealing with this relatively simple framework, but also thorough training and mastering the important rules of active piloting and escape maneuvers.

And that means intensive training in proven methodical series with secured space around the pilot and secured solution in case of mismanagement of some of the exercises. In our conception, this solution is a flight box above the water area secured by a professional crew of Austrian rescuers.

Retraining for higher category paragliders is, in El Speedo, performed within SIV courses and Safety trainings. Theoretical and practical examination by an inspector is included in these courses.

The training and examination is required to be performed on an EN-C or EN-D category glider.

Competition pilot license

The Head paragliding operations inspector of LAA CR will approve one’s Competition Pilot Personal certificate where proof of following requirements is confirmed:

1) A valid Sport pilot license held for more then 6 months,
2) two cross country flights of minimum 30 km FAI triangle or 2 cross country out and return flights of minimum 50 km within the borders of the Czech Republic and documented under the rules of Czech paragliding cup competition,
3) knowledge of actual FAI competition rules.

During El Speedo XC training program we prepare pilots for tactical and practical accomplishment of declared XC tracks. These XC events are ideal for gathering the above mentioned requirements.

In the Czech Republic, a Competition Pilot license entitles its holder to fly any category of certified gliders or even any glider without certification but with an issued “Z” category (yellow) technical certificate.

Tandem pilot license course

El Speedo AIR TAXI team has been flying tandem paragliders for many years and since then we have created fine adjusted teaching methods which ensure your safe and comfortable flying with a passenger.

High standards of piloting and character traits are demanded from all tandem pilot license candidates – no matter if you want to just fly a friend from time to time or make your living on tandem flying. The result is a safe flight with the person we want to share our joy and passion with.

An applicant for a Tandem pilot license should have flown at least 500 hours with a paraglider and held a valid Sport pilot license for at least 2 years.

Find out more about tandem flying at: http://www.chciletat.cz/katalog-kurzy/10-titulni-strany/112-katalog-zaklad-balicek-6-tandem

Insurance products in general

There are several types of insurance that a paraglider pilot might use in a case of an accident. One of them, the liability insurance of damage caused by paraglider operation, is even mandatory in some countries including the Czech Republic. And usually also a minimum amount of cover is prescribed.

If you travel after paragliding abroad, travel insurance of medical costs and transport could come in hand. And that even in EU countries where medical care for EU citizens with their own home-country health insurance is granted for the same cost like for a resident.

If you got in trouble in mountains with little or no chance to move, you could need a search and rescue action or probably a helicopter transport. A special insurance usually sold as a part of another insurance product is needed to cover the emergency rescue costs.

Life and injury insurance is another product promising money in case of a damage of one’s body and health and it is a matter of everyone’s own consideration.

Damage of your own material possessions during your sport activities should be covered by a liability insurance usually connected to your household insurance, if you have one.

Insurance during El Speedo courses

Compulsory liability insurance of our paragliders for our courses in the Czech republic is managed and payed for by El Speedo. This insurance should cover the costs of damage caused to a „third party” by a paraglider operation. In other words, if you break something around you while taking-off, flying or, most usually, landing or just training with the glider. Maximum cover of such an insurance valid in the Czech republic is CZK 150,000.
El Speedo can manage a liability insurance valid worldwide for pilots and students who rent our equipment for flying with us abroad. Such an insurance for the period of a course costs CZK 250 for one paraglider. Maximum cover of this insurance is EUR 1.500,000.

Compulsory third party liability insurance

Amongst other documents which a pilot has to carry while flying a paraglider in the Czech republic or most of another countries is a proof of insurance of liability for damage caused to others property or health while operating a paraglider. Shortly, liability insurance.

We can suggest one of these two options for Czech pilots:

  • Liability insurance for members of LAA CR (Light Aircraft Association of the Czech Republic)
    – a member of LAA CR (CZK 800 per year for membership) can benefit from the possibility to buy an insurance for paragliding. There are several different products offering various cover amounts and various territorial validity for different prices – from a cheap (CZK 150) option only valid in the CR to worldwide EUR 1.5 M cover for reasonable CZK 900 per year.
  • El Speedo can arrange liability insurance with AXA via our partner paragliding school in Austria.
    – for EUR 70 premium one can get worldwide one year coverage of EUR 1.5 M plus coverage of search and rescue costs up to EUR 2,600 or up to EUR 10,000 (search and rescue) for EUR 90 premium.
Travel insurance

Traveling outside your home country can create a situation when you could need a medical help, stay in a hospital, transport or medicines and also the need to pay for them.

Countries around the world and even in the EU differ in what can free access to medical help actually mean.

There are many products and possibilities how to get such insurance, sometimes connected to another products (credit cards, memberships etc.). You should always check with your insurance company, whether your insurance would cover costs related to events associated to paragliding. Mostly a special product is needed which only a few insurance companies offer.

There are also some good options of travel insurance for LAA CR members.

Emergency search and rescue costs insurance

If you got in trouble in mountains with little or no chance to move, you could need a search and rescue action or probably a helicopter transport. Make sure your insurance covers also these costs which can be pretty high.

We know several options you can consider:

  • Austrian AXA paragliding liability insurance also includes rescue costs coverage,
  • Travel insurance for members of LAA CR also covers transport to medical facility,
  • By supporting Austrian Mountain rescue service. With a contribution of only EUR 24, you support the mountain rescue service in the procurement of equipment and assure yourself and your family members for mountain accidents worldwide.
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