2021 spring PARASEMs – NEW TERMS

15. – 16. 5. 2021 SAFETY MOTO PARASEM

Who is this event suitable for?

We want to mix free and powered flying, we also want to invite the general public. There is a limited number of vacancies for the event, so it is necessary to book in advance. If the weather allows, we will also go for free flying during the event. It only depends on you which part of the program you choose.

What program can you look forward to?

  • Rescue parachute usage training on a zip-line simulator directly in Flight Park Javorový,
  • Rescue parachute packaging and proper installation in harnesses lessons,
  • Powered paragliding training methods,
  • How to operate the engine safely,
  • Rescue systems for paragliding and hang gliding,
  • Safe piloting techniques during a normal flight.

PRICE for lectures, simulator training and repacking: free

We will hang up the opened reserve parachutes for you overnight and we will also gradually pack them in the morning and install them in your containers and harnesses.

Anti-pandemic measures

We assume that some anti-pandemic measures will still be in force and so we will divide the registered pilots according to the current rules, which will be located in several locations: 2 classrooms with data projectors, online streaming, as we know from past anti-pandemic PARASEMs.

We are preparing the program for 4 × 10 pilots, so whoever registers earlier will reserve a place for that. So if you want to have the equipment ready and professionally inspected before the season, take the chance.


24. – 25. 7. 2021 XC MOTO PARASEM

Following the rivers to their springs – this is the motif of the El Speedo powered paragliding XC program. And you can join us…

We have prepared two two-day routes for you so that we don’t have to rush against the wind on the current day.

Arrival on Friday evening or Saturday morning, we will describe the prepared route, navigation points, pack everything in an El Speedo car with an engine cart and move to the starting point. The car drives along the route and solves possible technical problems, the goal of the first day in the camp by the water. Chill out, barbecue, beer, overnight stay and in the morning again in the air to manage to fly as close as possible to the source of the river and return to Flight Park Javorový.

It’s upstream, but we’re flying above it. Tthe wind will help us and we’ll see a piece of interesting human creations and natural beauties. We will take photos and film that all and the result will be a short film about how to experience a small powered paragliding adventure just in our neighbourhood. So if you’re already bored by flying around your chimney, don’t hesitate and fly with us. The driver, technician and the cameraman – Michal Krause, flying guide Martin Orlík (Míša Machartová, Pavel Březina) plus another max. 7 pilots. For those who apply first, we hold the place. Those without seats don’t go. 🙂 So the others have to follow us on their own…

We look forward to you
The Speedo team

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