MEXICO 2020 first week…

The celebrations of the new year hardly ended when our party set out for an expedition trip to warm landscapes. The destination has changed only slightly from last year’s Brazil – still Latin America – this time Mexico. The whole party we actually met up in Mexico city, where the groups that flew over Madrid […]

Tenerife 2020

From Lanzarote we took it straight to another Canary Island, Tenerife. We took the island heaven by attack and flew across it. So hello island, see you in January 🙂

Lanzarote 2020, this year’s first paragliding trip

One of the Canary Islands, Lanzarote, did not disappoint again. We had days full of ground training, flying, surfing and exploring this beautiful piece of volcanic land. One of the slogans of the expedition became “dondu until morning” according to the popular drink Tinto de verano 🙂

10th Elementary Course in Beskydy 2017

So this course started with great hope and intensity. We leaned into the training and worked. But the wind and the rain you will not ruin and with this cheerful and determined part we will meet next time, when the Mr. Thermal will be merry and we will be able to float the hills. ..