10th Elementary Course in Beskydy 2017

So this course started with great hope and intensity. We leaned into the training and worked. But the wind and the rain you will not ruin and with this cheerful and determined part we will meet next time, when the Mr. Thermal will be merry and we will be able to float the hills. ..

Thermalling Course in Italy, May 2017

Monte Grappa is a beautiful mountain at the foot of the Alps, hidden behind the high mountains of the Dolomites, which make it with its majestic protection the terrain with the greatest number of flight days wide. The weather was beautiful, so it was a great pleasure to be surprised that we were in a [...]

4. Elementary Paragliding Training in Beskydy 2017

This time was full of joy and fun with group of happy clients. Mr. Thermoska was also a little kind for a couple of days and he gave us many nice flights with thermal condition in Beskydy and Slovak Stranik  ... We look forward to the next flights! For El Speedo team Petr and Slávek