For taking nice pictures I usually use a reflex camera Canon EOS 650D with a battery grip for 6 AA batteries, with a lens Canon EF 70-200/4, 0L IS USM and Sigma 10-20/4-5,6 ASP. With an external flash and a bag it makes about 3000 grams. Because of reducing the load I also bought Sony […]


Some diseases and injuries could complicate your situation greatly. Here you have some stuff what can be useful on your trip: a package with antibiotics something for a sore throat and cough reduction a pressure bandage and gauze in case of an open fracture plasters for blisters stronger analgesis (painkillers, for ex. Zaldiar) Brufen and […]


The amount of food depends on the chosen track. You know the best approximately how many kilometers you are able to fly in mountains in a day. I would like to recommend you to create a track for 2-3 days and takeoff when you’ll know that the weather will stay the same these days. Waiting […]


In a weight category, gas definitely wins. A petrol burning stove is more universal on longer trips in a bigger wilderness because you can buy some petrol almost everywhere and anytime. But petrol cooking is much more complicated and a bit dirty also. Although you can’t transport a gas cartridge in an airplane, you can […]


I totally felt in love with Fénix HL50 – tough, waterproof, you can use it as a classic flashlight, it has several light modes (to 365 lumens), it accentuates the middle of the light cone – just amazing. The price is 1300 CZK and weights 50 grams including the battery. Compared to another headlamps you […]


I use Victorinox with a small saw, screwdriver and a bottle screw for years – 126 g. And I finally understand that I won’t open a bottle of wine in mountains, I can’t use a knife on the airport because it’s already packed in a checked-in backpack… and I don’t use the screwdriver and the […]


For XC flights you need to hear a vario with a sound of good-quality. You’ll appreciate an actual height, a flight speed and a compass – these are basic functions. You can fly without them also and don’t have to take any devices for a flight with you but that’s not a good idea. Nevertheless, […]


Sure, you need to have a phone. Personally, I have iPhone 5S and since the time when I upload there tons of audio books I stopped to carry my Kindle for reading when I was waiting on the top for a better conditions. You can have the audio books in every phone with Android, naturally. […]


All the Chogori harnesses have a closeable pocket for a back protector. So when you’ll take it off and place there a sleeping bag in place, the pocket will strengthen and will work as a spine protector reliably. The back construction of Chogori doesn’t support the whole back anyway. So even when you’ll take it […]


Warm nights are nice, the best relation between warm & weight have feather versions of sleeping bags. For example Phantom 0 by Mountain Hardwear is awesome at a lower temperature also, proven quality. It weights 1,2 kilos, compared to a common sleeping bag with a comparable warmth you save more than 300 grams.