SKY DROP Ultrino

Ultralight Vario with GPS – a powerful helper for XC pilots who appreciate precise measurements, ease of use and performance ultralight aircraft instruments. All this and more is SKY DROP Ultrino designed by our graduates: Martina Daříčka a Fera Horínka.

New ultra-light harness MT COOK Ultrino

It is our elegant, comfortable and lightweight solution for tandem pilots and for mountain flying. Now ULTRINO version introduces the lightest possible option of the harness while maintaining high safety and comfort.


And all the electronic toys need some “juice” and it´s nice when you don’t have to carry several chargers and you can use one for all. How you will mix them is just up to you. Another possibility is to use a solar charger but so far I didn’t need it. Minimalism is the way!


For taking nice pictures I usually use a reflex camera Canon EOS 650D with a battery grip for 6 AA batteries, with a lens Canon EF 70-200/4, 0L IS USM and Sigma 10-20/4-5,6 ASP. With an external flash and a bag it makes about 3000 grams. Because of reducing the load I also bought Sony […]


Some diseases and injuries could complicate your situation greatly. Here you have some stuff what can be useful on your trip: a package with antibiotics something for a sore throat and cough reduction a pressure bandage and gauze in case of an open fracture plasters for blisters stronger analgesis (painkillers, for ex. Zaldiar) Brufen and […]


The amount of food depends on the chosen track. You know the best approximately how many kilometers you are able to fly in mountains in a day. I would like to recommend you to create a track for 2-3 days and takeoff when you’ll know that the weather will stay the same these days. Waiting […]