New El Speedo quick pack – Solid

El Speedo basic training courses we used to effectively treat your time. Last years during our courses we use El Speedo quick pack bag Ultrino. This is a great assistant. When are sunny days, students can make average two more height flights than before. Daily active use of quick pack bag Ultrino unreal underwent a stress test. The solution use the quick pack bag was very happy.

This year, new to the school equipment will include material reinforced version of El Speedo Solid RB. And after the first test, we know that the “harder” version beautifully does the work, even in a normal backpack. If it goes, and it’s safe, we fly to the max: o).

When you purchase a new El Speedo paraglide, you can now decide for themselves whether to him as a gift from us you Ultrino or Solid quick pack. Moreover turned quick pack exactly fit into our transport bag Keylong XC, which is also supplied the new El Speedo paraglider.

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