JANIS – new El Speedo EN-D

This spring I was very happy to return to the category of paragliding with a slimness  of 7.0. From the first flight, it was clear to me that our designer Alexei Rakov had made a great model again. This is Janis the new El Speedo EN-D.

I feel surprisingly great with JANIS, and I really enjoy flying with her. It’s a straightforward thing for me to go with JANIS and continue on the track. High performance takes me to the point where I expect another climb and call a tiny and sharp pitch, that’s really fun with JANIS. Whoever waits for occasional nervous projections of the canopy in a sharper climb will be very surprised. JANIS is controlled in the thermal as a model aircraft. It has an instant response and a perfectly chosen reinforcement – it’s a pleasure to tighten the cradle with such a parachute. And when I have to go through another turbulent area on another fast jump, Air Scoop technology on the leading edge takes care of further stiffening and elimination of the tendency to overturn it.

In particular, with the CHOGORI model 2017, it was possible to preaper the paragliding set, which has a huge dashboard, which really enjoys the pilot and pleasantly surprises. You just want it …

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