New harness CHOGORI Ultrino 2017

New paragliding harness CHOGORI ULTRINO was created from the needs expedition XC flying, so as a lightweight, but maximum comfort and resilient structures used largely without backrest foam pads. And so it is great comfort sitting position secured especially well thought out and the back sitting board parts. Foam back protector with CHOGORI may not serve to further stiffen the back part. It is only at those locations and in a thickness which is really meaningful. CHOGORI Ultrino is just as comfortable without it and you can boldly place foam pads inserted into a sealable container your sleeping bag. When flying expedition thus saving weight 480 g for foam protector and get more space for a sleeping bag. El Speedo variants Chogori Ultrino facilities are sewn from the lightest materials. These are products for pilots who already thanks to their skills and experience actually prefer lowweight before the big material toughness.

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