What’s new at CHOGORI harness in 2017?

On paragliding training seminar Parasem we introduced our new harness for XC flying and promoted you new changes. Likewise, they ask and foreign pilots and so it was probably good to summarize a bit.

And maybe it would be good to start telling what remains the same, or what we wanted at CHOGORI retreat.

Maximum value - German premium materials and thoroughly thought-out structures are at CHOGORI reason for high strength at low weight indeed.
Really comfortable sitting in CHOGORI priorities still above reaching extremely low weight.
Storage space must be adapted to normal flying and shipping purposes.

So what is new?

We prepared two versions - CHOGORI XC 2017 CHOGORI ULTRINO 2017 which do not differ in size back pockets, but only just weights and materials used in sits board. XC version has sitting board and ULTRINO version is free of the sitting board. 
The sitting board at the XC version is newly made of profiled carbon fiber - this variant is the real "Mercedes" between sitting boards.
We have developed a completely new solution to closing the cocoon and safety buckles.
Pilots will appreciate the new ventilation back of the harness.

Both versions of new CHOGORI 2017 are equipped with four side pockets, along with other pockets do exactly nine storage locations.
Attachment of the floor surface in a cocoon is a new solution through a special iron pulleys, increases the life of the internal structure of the cocoon.
New lightweight lockable cockpit is now firmly integrated into the upper part of the cocoon and is so big that you can insert the big camera inside.
Back protector, we have reduced to 10 cm and lengthened to below the reserve container. We've incorporated into the seat pockets and holes for urine funnel and tubing. The reserve container is a newly concluded compact and ZIP smoothly operating system. So this is just a brief list of the most visible changes. Anyway new CHOGORI 2017 is really new in many ways. We hope you will enjoy and provide a really beautiful, interesting sport flying. El Speedo team


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