Brief information

To land into limited space is equally important as taking off from a starting site. It is vital part of safe flying. In this course, we go much more deeper than you could expect.

The practical training is supported by theoretical tuition of accuracy with exact analysis of each of your landing.

Terms and reservations

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Must have

Valid pilot licence, at least Pilot or other equivalent licence

Physical demands


 Recommended flying hours

  • any
  • the course is suitable for fresh graduates of the elementary course as well as for experienced pilots who want to join accuracy competitions
  • the course is obligatory for prospective tandem pilots according to our learning scheme

Goals of the course

We will learn how to utilize a few techniques for approaching the landing sector as well as techniques required for really accurate landing onto intented spot.

Duration of the course is three days.

Practical training

  • low speed flying
  • descent techniques
  • techniques for approaching the landing spot
  • landing from direct flight and from turn

Theoretical tuition

  • aerodynamics
  • theory of flying
  • analysis of flight tracks


Beskydy – mountain Javorový or Prašivá

Who with

  • SIV instructor
  • assistant

Price: 3 500 CZK

  • our clients have 10 % discount

Price includes:

  • work of an instructor (theoretical and practical training)
  • lending of walkie-talkie
  • lending of text book
  • transportation among sites and rides up the mountain if possible
  • a gift bag (T-shirt, promotional items, etc.)
  • DVD with photos or access to server for downloading pictures and videos

We will help you with:

  • getting flying permits for particular site
  • accommodation and eating
  • transportation

Transportation to the destination

  • on your own

All graduates of our training programs are provided

10% discount and the possibility of arranging VAT deduction.

Get more information in El Speedo office via tel. +420 777 311 661

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