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Our cross country courses are developed for pilots who already have some experience with thermalling and want to learn from race pilots and member of national team. We will fly in the best european spots which are famous because of being frequently used for national championships. These sites will become your challenge.

Terms and reservations

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What you should know?

With the advice of our experienced instructors you will find out that sometimes it takes just a little and the route which you would consider too much for you would become your favourite one. We will teach you how to jump from thermal to another, how to use soaring effectively and most importantly, how not to lose your patience. This training will push you and your efficiency forward more and anything else.

Thanks to nice gliding ratio of El Speedo OLIVIER tandem glider, you have extraordinary possibility to fly with our XC instructor and enjoy the tutorial during the flight. This kind of training is becoming more and more popular among the pilots so we believe that you will appreciate it as well.

Must have:

  • valid pilot licence
  • valid travel insurance
  • knowledge of using GPS

 Physical demands

Middle to low

Recommended flying hours

  • at least 30 hours
  • suitable for category El Speedo Pilot 2-5
  • pilots should be able to start precisely and land on their own
  • pilots must be able to do at least basics of thermalling and XC tactics

Goals of XC training:

All training days are devoted to cross country flying and their subsequent analysis. In the morning, we analyse the weather conditions and prepare the best flying route, we indicate tricky parts and possible ways how to handle them. In the beginning of the days, we take off and start the flight together. With the walkie-talkie we are able to assist you during the flight. We will tell you where you can find a good thermal, which place you should avoid and how to fly through a tricky part most effectively. If any of us will not make it, our driver will take him on the track.

The goal of our cross country trips is to teach you how to make your own flyable route according to the actual conditions and how to choose the best way to execute it. The vital part is to teach you patience and inner-peace during the most important parts of the flight. With this in mind, you will be able to fulfill your ideas of free flying in beautiful mountains.

Duration of the trip: Five days


  • Tolmin, Kobarid, Slovenia.
  • Pieve di Alpago, Italy.
  • Karavanke, Slovenia.

Who with:

  • two instructors of high-performance cross country flying
  • driver.

Price: 5 900 CZK

Our clients have 10 % – 50 % discount. For more information, see our Graduates’ programme

Practical training:

  • active help and navigation by our two XC instructors during the flight within a group of eight members maximally
  • navigation and help with thermalling by the instructor just after the start
  • assistance with top lands
  • possibility to fly tandem with the instructor and the rest of the group

Theoretical tuition:

  • thermalling techniques
  • making suitable flying plans according to current conditions
  • tactical thinking of cross country
  • top landing
  • and much more…

Price includes:

  • theoretical and practical tuition
  • map of thermals
  • transportation to the launch sites
  • transportation after flights
  • lending of walkie-talkie
  • technical support with anything and adjustment of your gear
  • El Speedo gift bag (T-shirt and other little presents)
  • briefing before flying and description of the flying site
  • assistance with common transportation and accommodation
  • pictures from the all training

We can lend you:

  • Hannah tents and sleeping bags
  • full paragliding gear including helmet (see El Speedo Test Centre)
  • variometer and GPS

Graduate program

Types of lessons are divided into 5 basic performance categories. This division has a major impact on the unification of the pilot participants’ performance and the subsequent progress of your most effective teaching. And the more you can, the less you pay – it’s fair, is not it?

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