The square design of the reserve parachute allows for quick opening, lower sinking and significantly faster decrese of swinging (rocking) after opening. The canopy material is from the French manufacturer Porcher Sport. In autumn 2017, this design was successfully certified in the RSQ 120 Ultrino variant of the Air Turquoise according to EN standard.

1,0 kg of weight for size RSQ 100 Ultrino

– a stunning parameter that has been achieved thanks to the new square design and the lightest materials.

The two main factors of reserve parachute performance are the rate of descent (vertical speed) and stability in rocking (swinging) after opening. Both of these factors can be significantly influenced by a suitable canopy construction. The designers of reserve parachutes have been tuning their products for many years and strive to balance these parameters with the requirements for minimum weight, price and packed bookmarks volume.
If we stay with the square designed reserves constructions and the main parameters in their main advantages are low weight, small packed volume and reasonable price, we get to the recently for paragliding discovered construction of the canopy of the reserve parachutes.
Due to the larger coefficient of resistance of the square compared to the circle, the regression is slower under the same area load. Holes in the corners of the canopy “leak” air whose flow helps to stabilize the flying / falling system against unwanted rocking / swinging. Even on a reserve parachute with a theoretically acceptable vertical speed, the landing may be hard if it takes place in the unfortunate phase of the pilot’s swing under the canopy. From this point of view, the parachute cross structures clearly play a prime role.
The speed of the reserve parachute opening, a parameter that many pilots ask, is not accurate enough for accurate and independent testing. Therefore, the list of reserve parachute features is not given in numbers, but only as a more or less subjective comparison of observations of competing structures. In the world, square tabs have been used and tested for some time, and it has been shown that they open a little faster than standard circular tabs. This helps, most likely, the shape irregularity for folding during packaging. They simply have more pleats of fabric that can be filled with air – similar to the so-called double-shell circular parachutes.
The procedure for packing a square parachute is almost the same as for a round parachute and an experienced packer will master it during a short training session. So there is no reason to worry about finding someone to repackage the parachute.

Sizes and technical information

El Speedo RESCUE SYSTEM RSQ 100 Ultrino RSQ 110 Ultrino RSQ 120 Ultrino
Max. load according to EN (kg) 120
Certified maximum load (kg) 100 110 140
Sink rate at max. load (m/s)* 5/5,5 5/5,5 5/5,5
Surface area (m²) 23 26 33
Weight  (kg) 1,0 1,2 1,5
Material of the canopy Porcher marine 9081 Porcher marine 9081 Porcher marine 9081
Material of lines Liros RL Safety Line Dyneema 1.3 Liros RL Safety Line Dyneema 1.3 Liros RL Safety Line Dyneema 1.3
Certification our company our company EN 12491
Price 550 € 570 € 610 €

*RSQ 120 33 is certified in accordance with EN-12491 standard. At a weight of 120 kg sink rate is 5 meters per second. We allow the use of RSQ 120 for a weight of up to 140 kg. Vertical speed will not exceed 5.5 meters per second. In 2019 we certified the lightweight parachute RSQ 100 Ultino (SQ-23LT )– it weighs 1 kilogram, maximum weight in flight is 95 kg.

To reduce weight, the thin lines Liros RL Safety Line Dyneema 1.3 are used – as the number and length of the lines is higher compared to the traditional parachute.

Packing of a square parachute is almost identical to that of a round parachute – the instruction is in the users manual. We recommend re-packing of the parachute once every 6 months.

At the age of 10, we recommend replacing it with a new reserve parachute.


All graduates of our training programs are provided 10% discount.

Get more information in El Speedo office via tel. +420 777 311 661

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