Flyover Across Beskydy – February Prašivá

At the end of February, the dynamic early spring thermals in our latitudes waited about a few people. But it really worked on the Prašivá mountain on this Saturday. And that after about fifteen minutes embankment. Spring thermals were narrow and a little wild. The strongest that I had managed to tame the average 4 m/s.

Hill blew a relatively strong west wind, so we Michal Krysta decided to free flight eastwards to Poland via Godula, Javorový and sharp.

Cloud base is formed at a height of 1660 m at sea level, which for us is not really such a hit parade, but with the wind behind me flew speeds over 50 km / h. However, such a height for us in Beskydy mean height of approximately 950 m above the ground and the views of the snowy Slovak and Polish mountains were amazing.

The whole year I felt sort ceremony because the road a bit and it was snowing on the snow from above looks like glitter.

Finally, I have flown nearly an hour and a half and flew 32 km. It was originally due to zero ambition very nice surprise. That day was smiling at me and god tracking. An hour later I was three cars got back to Kohutce, from me to the next (this time a peaceful evening embankment) were separated by just 15 minutes.

Thermals already there: o) and Fly next time too!

Renda Podpinka

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