MEXICO 2020 first week…

The celebrations of the new year hardly ended when our party set out for an expedition trip to warm landscapes. The destination has changed only slightly from last year’s Brazil – still Latin America – this time Mexico. The whole party we actually met up in Mexico city, where the groups that flew over Madrid (Beda, Karel, Ales, Jakub and Michal) and London (Paul and Marcela) and welcome vanguard – Mato. At the last moment Marek had to cancel the trip, but we are thinking of it anyway.

In addition to renting cars in the city did not delay (so some bastion on the street of course was) and immediately rolled toward the first flight place: Tuxpan.Aklimatizace, two days of thermal flying , a nice start to the trip. We have moved to the second flight area with nature.

Visiting the National Park, where the winters of the Monarch Stitching butterflies is overwhelmed, is truly a big experience.Sunshine during the day wakes up only a few percent of sleep, but it is enough to fly around you thousands of butterflies.

Second destination was La Escalera. The starting point lies on the boundary of wooded damp valleys bringing a wave from the ocean and the dry upland plateau that forms the center of Mexico. Everybody missed out, most of them landed back at the start, so it was clear that we did not want to leave quickly. The next day, but the wind that tore leaves from the tree indicated that all the planning is unnecessary …

Unplanned party in the streets of Morelia but all was a good satisfaction Now we move to another flight area – Tapalpa – generally known from the consulted World Cup race.

Now we are sending a bit of sunshine for you

……. but not too much at night, there is a nice winter, but what a wonder when we are still at the height of the Strbske pleso …..

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