New Technology for the Production of Paragliding Harnesses

Your big interest in El Speedo harnesses is making us very happy and encouraged. We are motivated for their further improvement and development.

You know that, nothing is perfect. Sometime, somewhere you need little bit more, sometime you need little bit less on your harness. As well each of us has a different body length. We also have different figure, especially the shapes of your backside when you sit on a chair. Someone will sit down the whole chair, some would have to two on one chair, while another reaches feet on the ground over there again outstretched legs poking colleagues to do the contrary. Just think of a universal solution is equally difficult not suit everyone.

Therefore, in El Speedo we come up with a new know- how revolutionary solution. You will not have to adapt our characters, idea. We have new special improvements. In El Speedo we will now make new harness

“GUSTO” original seat – a seat to your liking and to your “gusto” :-).

Gusto – so we called this new technology to manufacture seats. We would like now simply outlined the main points of our solution.

1. First of all just the beginning of a measure our office assistant Marcela will watch at you, if this is the solution for you at all appropriate. We do not want had offered to make an investment to “Gusto” technology when you do sit up to our standard production.

2. Than we ask that you do 35 pushups, 160 squats, 80 sit-ups and covered a 1,500 m at a brisk pace. Why? We need to know exactly the place where the most amount of sweat and sweat that we sweat on them. This will serve us 6 cm rough-wool suit neoprene with built-in photosensitive sensors in which you do it. Just so we are able to design structurally correct, sufficient and effective ventilation.

3. And now the third final part of our new “Gusto” technology – customization seat board. First, we ask you to undress from the waist down. To comply with hygiene rules will butt wrap in a thin cellophane and ask you to fine touchdown. Be warned – in the tub with plaster. Yes exactly. Ideal for assessing sitting boards need precision casting your butt. Plaster dries quickly, the cast do a copy derriere and then you can rely on the skills of our technicians to help with the care and precision of a skilled craftsman crossed with home doctor creates high-quality carbon fiber plate according to your needs.

And we’re also prepared two bonuses if you choose our new technology “Gusto”.

If you ever bothered flight urination and would like to learn to deal with this problem, we have prepared a special machine with a bucket and a powerful fan. When hanging the trainer and the simulated 40-kilometer wind blowing you will be able, under the supervision of experienced instructors peg urinating into a bucket. You’ll see – our training results are more than surprising – you’ll be amazed.

If you are interested, we would like to offer you the opportunity – in the upcoming Flight Park under Javorovy vrhc for a long time In the base of honor – to immortalize your positive attitude to new production technologies – fingerprint copies the shape of your backsides. “With Gusto forever” – this slogan will be accompanied by your unique backside print.

Thank you for your interest and look forward to your orders

Your April El Peedo team (formerly SKYDIENT)

Enjoy the 1. april fun 🙂

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