Our Elementary Paragliding Courses in 2021

We have gone through it the last year, so nothing we cannot cope with. Outside our standard education program we have worked deeper on our online pre course preparation and prepared even better distance learning tools. Outside in nature and in the air while flying the virus is no threat and we are ready to stream the video of the lectures so every course participant can watch them separately in private. So what anti-pandemic measures can you count on in our Elementary paragliding courses in Beskydy?

We recommend you to get tested before the course. We will obey actual rules and government orders. So far flying and teaching to fly is permitted. If needed the training will take place in smaller groups or individually.

Theoretical preparation and possibility of distance learning

  • On line preparation materials are available for each student before beginning of the course.
  • Our classroom is equipped with audio/video apparatus for lecture streaming. We also prepare transmitting via our internal network so that the transmitting speed is sufficient and allows quick response of students and lecturers.
  • We are ready to realise theoretical lectures in the open air.


  • Our 2 Land Rovers Discovery with seven seats and one Ford Transit with nine seats are ready and disinfected regularly. They also carry disinfection on their passengers disposal.
  • If it is necessary we can use individual cars for transport to training terrains.

Safe accommodation in Flight Park Javorový

  • There are 6 rooms each with own bathroom and an individual entrance.
  • If needed there are spots for campers with electricity.
  • We also have space for tents with electric plugs and a roof for cooking, bathrooms and the outdoor fireplace.
  • We have also 3 tree tents to rent.
  • Our club bar or outdoor bar with outdoor dining area are ready to serve breakfast and meals to accommodated.
  • Each room, classroom, office and equipment storage is equipped with disinfection.

So, if you fancy an active holiday, want to learn to fly and recharge some energy for following times, we are looking forward to you.

El Speedo team

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