Saturday’s volunteer brigade Prasiva 2017

I would like to thank all of you who came to help on Saturday job at Prasiva. We did a lot of work and without you it could be done very stiff. Now I hope it will be more happy when the  grass grow and everything get greener. There is still a lot of work around the starting point but thanks to your help we are more close to our idea.

Preparation, implementation and maintenance, as well as with our other runways, finance largely from sources of El Speedo paragliding school. Only price realization, rent and maintenance for 10 years one of the resulting runway is around CZK 400,000.

If you would like to have someone to contribute financially to the construction of the new southern runway, send a contribution 500-1000 CZK to the account: 670100-2209122227 / 6210th The money will be used to pay for deforestation and annual rents.

If you were to Prasiva and had time to consider when strong winds, please help shovel the stones and the bottom of the take-off. Throw it to the side, in a place where you will see well.

Thank you for your support

Dalibor Carbol

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