Alex Badila with El Speedo OZZY2 – winner of Open XC Sarapiquí in Costa Rica

I was very excited about the features of the new El Speedo model OZZY2 in the EN-C category. On the first of January 2017 I flew with OZZY2 and with the new CHOGORI Ultrino in weak thermal conditions over Prasiva. Then I took him to Costa Rica, I was looking forward to another flights. But instead of flying that was a detective case.

For a few days, I had been flying with OZZY but after few days my equipment was stolen. I believe the robber had no idea what he stole. There was a long silence. After few months the robber started to offer him quietly in San Juan. Alex, the local pilot, called me right away. We started organizing a way to check it out, and the thieves did not bother. It worked. I it was my gear and we could start communicating with the Police. That after a few long days hit, the thieves arrested and the equipment took off – unfortunately back to the north, to the place where they stole it. So I had to arrange for my equipment to be delivered to Alex. He had to cross all over Costa Rica, but he paid off. Well, when Alex OZZY was at home, he asked me if he could fly on it.

Well, my new equipment from 2017 expedition will stay in Costa Rica, because Alex OZZY2 and CHOGORI Ultrino sat down so much that they had won the Open XC Sarapiqui fly-off race right now. Superbay, an extra positive story, and so I’m very happy that it all worked out like this.

Congratulations to Alex once again and thanks for your help; o)

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