Closer to nature – in Flight Park Javorový we continue to solve a smart house …

[vc_column_text Hello everyone, I am beginning to design a “learning” algorithm for the Flight Park Maple building. We have sensors on the doors, windows, motion sensors, each room and education, warehouse and speedbar has its own control unit, measure current power consumption and operate everything remotely, including control lights and sockets. Solar panels feed on energy. During the summer we supply it with gravity solar water heating supplemented by a pump with frequency converter.

Algorithm containing several heating and heating modes for summer and winter operation has already been tested, it worked the whole last year and it is OK. Now I want to implement dynamic change options in different rooms with a maximum consumption limit per phase, so a schedule with a possible preference for the set rooms. And then create an algorithm that suggests optimizing heating and hot water after two days of using each room.

Do you have any experience with this? Do you have any tips? Do you want to participate? Write to or call. I would like to share the experience if you would like to use it at home or in the company.

Thank you
Dalibor 🙂 [/vc_column_text]

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