Looking for intensive paragliding training? Preparing yourself for a pilot licence, rehearsing or interested in face-to-face training with a XC instructor?

Our clients have already asked for personal approach with our particular instructor. We are busy professionals and therefore we were not able to satisfy all demands. However, we decided to add the possibility of personal training to our offer so at last we react and accept this challenge.

If your workload does not allow you join our courses or just prefer training with your personal instructor, write us your idea how to do it and we will design you an individual plan of training. We are able to provide tuition in Czech, English, German and Russian.

Thanks to El Speedo online tuition and our rich experience from various types of paragliding competitions, we are able to fulfill any of your notion of a good quality training.


In El Speedo INDIVIDUAL programme we offer:

– designing the personal training scheme

– trips full of training and XC flying with the chosen instructor

– tandem flights with the instructor

– analysis of your flights

– analysis of your handling maneuvers during the SIV course

– training in any place in the world you want

The price of this service depends on scale of the training scheme, destination, transportation and accommodation costs. That is the reason why price proposal is inextricable part of proposed training plan.

Write your ideas to dali@elspeedo.cz or call +420 603 311 661

We are looking forward to the time spent together both in the air and on the ground

El Speedo team

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