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El Speedo SIV courses are famous for interesting and intense training programme, exclusively over the Halstatt lake (Austria), the best supplying provisions and team of experienced instructors. It is the organisation, location and elaborate plan which make our SIV courses the best on the market. You will find new ways to improve your active safety.

Terms and reservations

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Preparing in the Beskydy – above the lake to Austria

We offer El Speedo SIV courses for many years. Truth is that good weather makes whole course more efficient. Good weather means better investment into your training and getting more value for your time. We, same as you, want to maximize the efect of each training in order to get the fastest progress. That is why we designed a new scheme for year 2017.

SIV combo is the way how to make training more efficient and lower your costs, compared to normal SIV course.

The First Phase in Czech Republic – Three days (Saturday to Monday)

In comfort czech environment we will focus on following tasks:

  • work with the camera
  • remind and practise different types of start and landing
  • practically rehearse precise ending of all types of collapses – without speed system
  • practise descent and escape maneuvers (except for spiral dive)
  • practise ending of dynamic turn,
  • try possibilites of swing maneuver
  • prepare ourselves for next maneuvers on trainer
  • explain function and how to use safe vests
  • emergency procedures
  • a the most importantly: flying in thermals if possible.

These tasks we can practise without lake so we can explain everything without being pushed by high costs.

The Second Phase in Austria – Two days (Tuesday, Wednesday or any other two flyable days in that week). In this phase we will focus on following:

  • minimum speed of the glider
  • exiting negative spin
  • full stall – getting beyond the stall point of the glider with 180° rotation
  • full stall – from direct flight
  • spiral dive and some other acro maneuvers, eg. SAT.

In order to make your training more effective, we will split up the group into two halves which will work independently. Therefore we can get three to four flights per day. With 15 maneuvers per flight on average, we can get a lot of air-time for improving your skills.

Last, but not least – the price of SIV COMBO remains the same as the price of classic  SIV course 9 900 CZK (minus 10 % to 50 % discount for El Speedo clients). Well, the number of participants still remains limited 🙂

Looking forward to see you

Dalibor, Slávek and El Speedo instructors


All graduates of our training programs are provided

10% discount.

Get more information in El Speedo office via tel. +420 777 311 661

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