Stable laminar wind – that’s what you want

To be able to handle your wing when your feet are rock solid on the ground is one of the must for each pilot. To know what to do in strong conditions, to know how to manage reverse start, to walk among other gliders on the ground or use the glider for walking up the hill – that’s all is fun, training and most importantly ability which you find handy.

Terms and reservations

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Must have

Valid pilot licence, at least Pilot or other equivalent licence

Physical demands


Recommended flying hours

– any

– the course is suitable for fresh graduates of the elementary course as well as for experienced pilots

– the course is obligatory for prospective tandem pilots according to our learning scheme

Goals of the course

The goals depends on the level of experience of a pilot. The main goal for ordinary pilot is to manage executing at least one technique of reverse start and holding the glider above head calmly before the take-off. We are much more demanding to prospective tandem pilots and instructors – walking with the glider to all directions and using the gliders as a kite in strong wind.

Duration of training is 4 hours.

Date of training

This training is undertaken in destinations with sand dunes and stable strong wind in scheduled dates or in Beskydy if the conditions are perfect. Sing up for this training in Beskydy and we will keep checking the wind and keep you updated about the possibilities. If you would be busy in suitable training date, do not worry. You can always answer our next message.

Practical training

– training of various reverse start techniques

– ability to walk with the glider above the head into all directions

– kiting with the glider and change direction of kiting

Theoretical tuition

– aerodynamics

– description of all reverse start techniques, their pros and cons


– Beskydy

– Fuerventura, Canary Islands

– Dune du Pyla, France

Who with

– instructor of ground handling

Price: 600 CZK (this price is paid as an deposit in our office and it is deducted when you join the training)

– our clients have 10 % discount

Price includes:

– work of an instructor

– lending of walkie-talkie

– technical support and adjusting your the gear

We can lend you:

– Hannah tents and sleeping bags

– high EN-B gliders

– variometres and GPS (see SKYTEST)

We will help you with:

– accommodation and eating

– transportation with El Speedo bus or a plane

Transportation to the destination

– common or on your own (depends on the destination)


All graduates of our training programs are provided

10% discount and the possibility of arranging VAT deduction.

Get more information in El Speedo office via tel. +420 777 311 661

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