Easter Tour de Beskydy – 10th – 12th April 2020

We have prepared for you a new term traditional sightseeing event – after a long time in our Beskydy. If you do not know where to stitch for Easter, the Beskydy Mountains, Flight ParkJavorový, Land Rover and my energy are at your disposal. Depending on the weather, we will combine Ondřejník, Lysa, Skalka, Prašiva, Javorník, Javorový and if it happens, so Staník and Donovaly are in the game.

During the event you can look forward to morning meteobriefing and take-off assistance. It will also be about walking ascents to the starting ground, because we can look at not too busy places – just actively spent 4 days with the facilities of Flight Park Javorový.

Date: 10th – 12th April 2020, (I create a plan for Monday 13th April, but I leave it for your free flying, I have a program with my family)

Place: Beskydy

Price: 2900 CZK (Graduates with 10% discount)

Difficulty: medium and higher

Suitable for: PILOT 2 and higher

Possibility of accommodation already on Thursday, we have booked places on the cottage, confirm to ubytovani@javorovy-vrch.cz that you want a bed or go to the tent.

It is fast, so please send your application by email to info@elspeedo.cz or by phone +420777311661 and Marcela will register you personally with a gentle verbal accompaniment.

I will look forward to seeing you and nice flying in Beskydy…

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