El Speedo LEMMY – interested in flying speeds?

Are you curious what speeds we measured during test flying?
With Lemmy sized M (18 m2) loaded at 87 kg total, we measured the trim speed of 37 km/h, a minimum speed of 26 km/h and maximum speed of 41 km/h while this speed was reached at 40% speed of system, further depression no longer affected the horizontal speed. LEMMY switched to deep stall when braking below 22 km/h.

And how does LEMMY behave on landing and below the minimum speed?
The landing flare isn’t completely such as with standard paragliders, but it is definitely possible to slow down enough to land. As you brake and go to deep stall, the steering forces increase naturally and enough to warn you before entering the stall. The separation of stream lines is then significantly faster, and the transition to normal flight mode is just as fast.

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