El Speedo SIV COMBO in 2020

Every year I try to specialize again and again in the individual circuits of El Speedo training programs. Equipment design is changing, piloting requirements are changing, training approaches are changing. And this affects the fine-tuning of our company methodologies, the creation of educational materials, the publication of articles and books. Systematic circulation of instructors in individual types of courses – this is the long-term basis of our staff readiness for modern and safe teaching. For the year 2020 we have changed positions with Slavek, Slavek will spend more time in the Beskydy and I will focus more on our SIV training.

The preparation is the most important
More and more validated that the pilot must be thoroughly prepared for SIV training. He must know exactly what, how and why he is training. Going to practice training unprepared – the risk of falling into the water is significantly higher and the effectiveness of such training decreases. We want you to really get the most for your money invested in SIV training.

Who is this type of course suitable for?

In the past, fresh pilots after the course and pilots of the Polish national team trained with us. Our methodology is based on gradual training of individual maneuvers. So, until you can do one exercise, it is unnecessary to go to the next – more challenging. We do not want to turn SIV training into an event where we can prove with great glory that our parachutes can do it in calm conditions for us. We are actively dealing with various situations that occur when flying. How far you get in the progressive exercise depends on your real air raid, your perception of the wing, your ability, which we develop together. however, I would rather recommend to beginners first thermal flying training or APT training (active piloting in thermals). Then you get even more out of SIV training.

El Speedo scheme SIV COMBO – preparation in Beskydy and only then fast crossing over the water is still current for the season 2020. The change is only in the place where we spend the night in Austria during the training over the water. So far, we have two campsites outside of Obertraun and Hallstatt, which should be more financially attractive and provide more peace and better facilities. We have prepared deadlines for you, if you are interested, send an application and we are on it.

I look forward to training with you

Dalibor Carbol

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