El Speedo thermal paragliding training in season 2020?

Hello Pilots,

we currently have foreign paragliding events suspended until the time when movement across borders is truly unrestricted. However, we have been flying thermally in the Beskydy Mountains for some time, so we would like to offer you an alternative training program in the form of thermal courses right here in the Beskydy Mountains.

Benefits are:

  • easy travel without the use of borders and other complications with controls and possible quarantines,
  • quality training and teaching in Flight Park Javorový,
  • pleasant accommodation in rooms or tents in Flight Park Javorový, quietly with the family,
  • organization of events precisely tailored to the current weather,
  • in the course we will get acquainted with other terrains in the Beskydy,
  • we have the opportunity to quickly move to other terrains in the Czech Republic.

The events will be on the same dates as this year’s Thermal Courses Abroad (Wednesday-Sunday, Saturday-Wednesday). In case of worse weather, we will negotiate operatively, as you are used to with us. The price for the course is the same, accommodation is cheaper and more comfortable, lower hills, but the training potential is still interesting.

Register in the same way as you would go to Thermal Training abroad until the borders are easily clear, count on the program and security in the Beskydy Mountains.

You can look forward to thermal flying lessons, daily weather analysis, training and development of your pilot knowledge and skills, in case of a windy day also a slope and practice of cross starts and evening fire – that is clear.

More info at Marcela on 777 311 661, she knows everything: o)))

Thanks and see you soon…

The Speedo team

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