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We have been working on our own training application PES (Pilot Education System) for several years. During training, we record not only all training exercises, but mainly the mistakes you made during training, we monitor your progress, we inform you about repeated mistakes. Since last season, you have everything available in real time online in your personal account on the El Speedo website, during the training you can find out again and again about the correct execution of a maneuver that you did not succeed as the instructor imagined. So what’s new?

When you make mistake during flying , we make a notice with this problem  and send it to the “virtual instructor” , it will also appear in your El Speedo account. What does it mean? That we have created videos for the basic mistakes, in which the instructor will explain to you what you did wrong and what is the essence of the correct execution of the maneuver. Gradually, we will add these videos to other mistakes, so you can look forward to a really interesting and modern way of teaching paragliding. PES and its online content is part of the price offer of courses in the El Speedo training program. It’s a way to make paragliding training more complex. 

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