MT COOK AIR harness

– just 1.5 kg including the back protector and built-in backpack…


– elegant, comfortable and light…

It started in New Zealand

The year was 2001, I and Blanka had already travelled New Zealand for several months. It was a time of peace and an extremely interesting experience. Whenever I set off for an airborne adventure, I have been rewarded with beautiful views and experience that has very rearranged my access to free flying in high mountains. And one such adventure was our very first tandem flight the highest mountain in New Zealand. The mountain is named Mount Cook.

I feel that this is the right name for this new range of our harnesses because MT COOK harnesses with their design, elegance and weight call for new adventures.
Both, tandem passengers and the pilots themselves.

Dalibor Carbol

Sizes and technical information

Suspension height (cm) 44 44
Weight (kg) 1,5 1,23
Certification Company Company
Price: 430 € 430 €

We produce MT COOK harnesses in one universal size M-XL. MT COOK AIR in this size weighs 1.5 kg (including carbines, back protector and built-in rucksack) and MT COOK PILOT in this size weighs 1.23 kg (including the carbines and backup parachute riser preparation). This weight was achieved thanks to sophisticated design and use of quality materials.


– turns to your liking

When designing MT COOK AIR we were very focused on the interplay between the passenger and the pilot during weight-shift steering. We often take our passengers to the thermal weather for interesting cross country flights and then we just appreciate simple circling achieved thanks to sufficient weight-shift of the passenger.

Helpful features are adjustable split legs and easily detachable foot stirrups with which the pilot in the back can regulate the side and tilt of the passenger.

Simple fit

for the pilot and passenger

Thanks to sufficiently reinforced sitting part of the leg straps is sitting in MT COOK AIR more than easy. Even though we fitted the outer part of the leg straps by handles, which can help with pushing oneself into the harness even more easily.

Rescue parachute

in front container

MT COOK AIR is created for tandem set to accompany MT COOK PILOT. Therefore it does not have an integrated reserve parachute container. If you would like to use this great harness for your solo flying, you can simply add our detachable front container.

This solution is simple and fully functional. One harness can be used for multiple purposes.

Harness and backpack

As you just need it

Not only fully integrated back protector is an integral part of the MT COOK AIR harness, but also a backpack that becomes of the harness simply by flipping its back pocket inside out.

This solution will help all tandem pilots who like to walk to the starting place and thanks to this backpack the passenger can also help with the cargo.

The pilots will also appreciate the durable design of MT COOK AIR which, apart of the back part, consists of two independent layers of rip-stop fabric. So if you are going with this backpack your way through the sharp vegetation or climbing rocky trails and there is a damage to the outer layer, it does not mean that you will have a hole in the harness.

So, if you appreciate the sturdy design for an unexpected adventure, MT COOK AIR seat is tailor-made just for you.

Flying and travelling fit together…


Easy mobility even in challenging conditions

As well as any tandem pilot, also the pilot taking off at not too busy starting places appreciate the split leg straps and related great mobility in challenging conditions.
Sitting part of the leg straps has been extended and reinforced for extra convenience. Thanks to this the MT COOK harness can be used for flights longer than it is common with similar designs.

With its low weight of 1.23 kg it doesn’t strain the pilot’s back more than it is absolutely necessary.

Safe storage

of rescue parachute

A reserve parachute container in the lumbar section – this is our proven solution. The container is also equipped with a compression buckles for a choice between larger – tandem and small – personal rescue parachute. Thanks to them the reserve is always firm and compact part of the harness.

Also, we paid special attention to the smooth solution of the container and the outer shell so that any random line could not catch on the surface of the MT COOK harness. All of this increases the comfort of your preparation before the start and safety at take off or in flight.

Built in variometer

for beginners or experienced

Only 26 grams, extremely durable and fully programmable – SKY BEAN El Speedo series

This extraordinary helper for thermal flying has its designated place on the left and right shoulder straps of our harnesses.

You can have it for only 69 €, stick it to the shoulder strap of your MT COOK and set off to thermals.

Find out more about SKY BEAN…


The KEYLONG XC backpack, which you can roll up and use it as a cockpit for your devices, fits CHOGORI perfectly. But if you already have a backpack which you are satisfied with and still want your devices well arranged in front of you during the flight on a separate cockpit – you can use the CHOGORI Cockpit.

You can attach the CHOGORI Cockpit to CHOGORI harness on an abdominal strap and carry your camera or another smaller things inside. Flying with a cockpit is a simple and very practical solution because you can detach it easily after landing and place it in the upper part of your backpack where you can easily reach for it and it will be less likely damaged.


All graduates of our training programs are provided

10% discount.

Get more information in El Speedo office via tel. +420 777 311 661

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