For effective thermal flying and cross country.

– new compact position of the reserve parachute
– weight only 2,89 kg (size M)
– ventilated back part
– profiled seating desk made of carbon

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Not everyone prefers flying in a pod harness like CHOGORI. WANAKA 2 is a fine tuned middle class harness with which you will experience many beautiful and interesting flights. Enjoy quality and light equipment without compromising…

It is comfortable and reliable

for beginning and advanced pilots

WANAKA is a harness where you will appreciate its sophisticated strap part based on our higher CHOGORI models while flying in thermals, but fully adapted for flying in a semi-seated or seated position. A new feature is also the standardly supplied carbon profiled seating desk. This material is very strong and at the same time light. The compact well-padded and ventilated inner part ensures your comfort, tough materials for long life and so the WANAKA with its overall design fits perfectly into the El Speedo concept of paragliding equipment solutions.

So WANKA is fully functional harness with high utility value.

Wanaka lake in New Zealand

Beautiful and attractive lake in Otago region of the South Island which the Maoris named Wanaka.

You can find many impressive and interesting places around here by walk, bike or car.
But only after you take off into the air and climb a few hundred meters above the mountains – only then you will see a breathtaking piece of nature into which you want to return again and again.
For this beautiful and unique experience, for the special light atmosphere and strong impression I assigned Wanaka name to something really exclusive. And such is our new harness.

Dalibor Carbol

Sizes and technical information

Suspension height (cm) 39 40 41 42
Seat board width (cm) 25/31 27/33 28/34 29/35
Max. pilot weight (kg) 100 100 100 100
Back lenght (cm) 64 67 70 74
Seat board depth (cm) 46 48 49 51
Weight of the harness (kg) 2,69 2,89 3,09 3,29
Certification Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price 790 € 790 € 790 € 790 €

We produce WANAKA 2 harnesses in sizes S, M, L and XL. WANAKA 2 in M size weights 3.2 kg (including protector, carbines and speed system). This weight was achieved thanks to sophisticated design and use of quality materials.

Safe fastening

Thanks to Finsterwalder buckles and GET-UP system design a pilot always has the maximum overview of safe fastening in WANAKA.

WANAKA is equipped with fully adjustable ABS system, through which you yourself can adjust the level from which the ABS begins to work and with what rigidity during the weight-shift steering.

Buckles located in the lumbar part enable you adjusting the perfect body angle in the seat, and adjustable shoulder straps will enable overall comfortable mounting in the seat, and also help with active weight-shift control.

The abdominal strap regulation is used to adjust the sensitivity and extent of the inclinations.

Plenty of space

for your equipment

The back pocket can easily hold a backpack, some water bottle and other things. You have 22 liters of space, which close with a zipper running around the circuit of the back of the harness.

Inside the back pocket are two integrated pockets, one of which – the smaller one is also zippered.So your documents, wallet or other valuables will not be lost when you prepare for flight or when packing your equipment after landing in long grass.

Available for storing thin gloves or a small camera are two magnetically closable side pockets.And you may also appreciate the closable storage space that we have prepared for you under the harness desk.

A smaller sleeping bag, an unnecessary jacket, a small saw, or a thin 20-meter rope for rappelling in need – all fits in the bottom pocket.

Flying and travelling fit together…

Back protector

for your passive safety

The segmental structure of 15 cm thick foam protector is able to absorb most impacts associated with a harder landing.

It is a passive safety element, which is a frequent helper in harder impacts and therefore it is good not to underestimate this part of WANAKA, especially for novice pilots.

Storage of

the reserve parachute

At WANAKA we used a completely new reserve parachute position in the lumbar part of the back pocket. The zipper system of the container with two securing points for the nylon needles makes it very easy to open the container and pull out the reserve parachute if necessary.

This solution also reduces the possibility of accidental opening of the reserve parachute, protects the reserve parachute storage while sitting in the harness while waiting for takeoff even in harder landings.


Speed system

with smooth run

Feedback of your canopy that you can gain from the speed-system when you press it is very important for active piloting.
That is why we use pulleys of larger diameter characterized by a smooth and easy running. Thanks to that you can in time and correctly react to the changes in canopy stiffness.
Details are important…


The backpack KEYLONG XC is ideal for CHOGORI harness and for WANAKA as well. This backpack you can pack in the shape of a. container for your flying devices. But if you have a backpack that you are happy with and would like to have the instruments clearly in front of you, you can use our Cockpit CHOGORI.

The Cockpit CHOGORI is attached to the abdominal strap. Inside of the Cockpit you can store a camera or other small items. Flying with the Cockpit is a simple and very practical solution, as you can easily unbuckle the entire Cockpit with the instruments after landing and store it in the upper part of the backpack for easy access and less likely damage.

Built in variometer

for beginners or experienced

Only 23 grams, extremely durable and fully programmable – SKY BEAN 2 – El Speedo series

This extraordinary helper for thermal flying has its designated place on the left and right shoulder straps of our harnesses.

You can have it for only 79 €, stick it to the shoulder strap of your CHOGORI and set off to thermals.

Find out more about SKY BEAN

El Speedo string bag

– only 100 grams

Have you ever noticed that the sleeping bag cover is not ideal for transporting the sleeping bag in a paragliding rucksack? That there is always empty room around it because it doesn’t fit in with the other things? Its shape is better for a mountaineering rucksack. And do you ever put the packed sleeping bag under your head? At the airport, in the backpacker, at the landing zone? Is it comfortable?

So if you want to get rid of such a discomfort, toss the old round cover and put your sleeping bag in the El Speedo string bag. Besides its adaptability for packing into a rucksack and for rest in a horizontal position you will have the material for filling the zipping pocket of the back protector of harnesses CHOGORI and WANAKA. Which gives you less weight and more space.

El Speedo string bag comes with every CHOGORI or WANAKA harness.

A sleeping bag as a back protector

Transport and comfort under your head

Harness cover

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