Powerful helper for XC pilots who appreciate accurate measurements, ease of use and ultralight instruments.

All this and more is SKY DROP Ultrino from the workshop of our graduates Martin Daříček and Fero Horínek.

Small and yet so powerful

Thanks to a multitude of technologies and their downstream useful features, SKY DROP Ultrino will provide you important information and assistance when flying on a variety of tracks and in a variety of situations.

SKY DROP Ultrino functions

– acoustic signalisation
– analogue / digital / average vario
– 5 altimeters (relative, absolute, standard)
– automatic beeper switch immediately after launch
– flight time / real time
– ground speed
– heading
– multiple screens with option selection, layout and widgets settings
– bluetooth connectivity and compatibility with all applications that use open XC protocol (DigiFly, LK8EX1, BlueFly)
– IGC/KML track logs (validated by FAI civil)
– velcro for helmet in package

Built-in technology:

– backlit LCD Display
– sensitive pressure sensor
– GPS receiver
– Bluetooth
– SD card slot for route recording
– digital compass
– accelerometer
– gyroscope, thermometer a moisture sensor
It is a joy to fly with such a small yet powerful device. Immediate reaction to flying in thermal or changing flight direction is assured via sensitive sensors and fine-tuned software.

 Inteligent solution

for your adventure

330 grams is the weight of two cell solar panel that lets you easily recharge SKY DROP Ultrino anytime during the flight and beyond.
The same solar panel can also be a source of energy for your phone or other device recharged via USB.

Battery life of SKY DROP Ultrino:

– solo audio mode – 13 h
– audio + altitude record without GPS – 12 h
– audio + Bluetooth – 10 h
– audio + GPS logger – 9 h
– Audio + Bluetooth + GPS logger – 7.5 h


vario with GPS

Not only for Hike & Fly adventures…

Dimensions: 62 x 98 x 22 mm

Weight: 68 g (extremely light – ideal for Hike & Fly)

Battery Type: Li-ion single cell (rechargeable via USB)

Great helper

for high performance tandem pilots

By placing DROP SKY on the shoulder of your passenger, you get superb GPS Helper on your XC flights.

Simple operation, continuous overview of speed, glide ratio and direction of flight – this is important information affecting your tactical decisions.


All graduates of our training programs are provided

10% discount.

Get more information in El Speedo office via tel. +420 777 311 661

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