First February SAFETY PARASEM 2020 – report

This is the first of our educational  workshops “El Speedo PARASEM”. Windy weather did not allow throwing on the rope simulator, but all the more we could focus on checking the correct storage of reserve parachutes in container containers, we discussed in detail every possible solution and materials used. I believe that the analysis of incorrect or not very functional variants to each helped the participant in how to take care of the reserve parachute.

In the evening we focused on the descent and escape maneuvers, their use due to flight conditions and possible technical defects and everything around it. We are very pleased that we could technically try on-line streaming lectures, because from this year we will regularly offer streaming lectures from the elementary courses of our paragliding school to all participants of our HAWK training program. This is a development in the services of our school into the online world, which will surely help pupils to better absorb and preserve the important information we learn from our courses.

And in the morning we started reserve packing until afternoon. Anyone who wanted to be there, could try it, and everyone checked the seat and stored the container as it should be, along with instructions on what to look for when throwing the reserve parachute.

For those who missed it, or who want to focus on the use of the reserve parachute with powered paragliding  can come on 29 February – 1 March 2020 at next El Speedo PARASEM workshop. T his time we plan a trip to the nearby Polish flight sites. This workshop is for powered and nonpowered paraglider as well. If you have your own gear, take them with you. I will also take long objective, so we will be happy to take a bunch of photos with your powered paraglide: o)

So do not hesitate, write the application form and come to drop your rescue parachute, briefing, repacking  and so on. If the weather allows interesting flying on new terrains. And what’s good, it’s free, so we don’t have to chase after the changing season. We will be specifying the program on Thursday, when the weather is clear.

We are looking to forward to see you…

El Speedo team

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