From SUUSAMYR to ISSYK KUL – Kyrgyzstan 2004


Another expedition in Kyrgyzstan where we also dedicated to bivouac flying. This time we were just two – Dalibor Carbol a Karel Vrbenský – focusing on a flight from the Suusamyr Valley to Yssyk Kull. We brought a video camera for a first time to record this interesting performance and beautiful experience. Without any ground support.

We drew a lesson from last years’ experience of flying in the Suusamyr Valley and returned in the smallest possible group – just two on the scene. We chose the middle of summer which promised a more stable flight conditions.

The plan was to reach as far as possible of course. We were really energizing and ready to do maximum for a long flight.

Unfortunately we were chased by thunderstorms almost every day which drove us out gradually from one valley to another. We flew through beautiful places, almost touched rocks and mountain ridges, landed near herdsmen and on another launching places. Our track to Yssyk Kull was bent many times but we battled in the right direction. We reached „Kočorka“ – a village near Yssyk Kull – exhausted but absolutely happy. We had fantastic 6 days in beautifully tough mountains.

Karel Vrbenský
Dalibor Carbol

Suusamyr Valley, Central Kyrgyzstan

Flight duration:
6 days

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