How to Untangle the Tangled Paraglider Lines?

This has already happened to everyone…. tangled lines.

The question is: What should I do when it happens?

For example, you can choose one of these possibilities:

A) looking around and looking for someone to help,

B) call the instructor directly,

C) divide your u work into a longer time refresh yourself, and leave the launch site at sunset,

D) use the combos to loosen the headlamps, dismantle the lines and start looking after the manufacturer’s instructions,

E) looking for Fiskars scissors,

F) gasoline, matches, dark glasses, and walking slowly from a large burning ball.

Well, or read these few lines in this article and maybe you will find some new helpfull recommendationsthat’s different.

As some have once said, every big problem has to be divided into several small and small problems are solved by themselves. So whatever the lines are tangled in any way, try not to solve the big problem at once, but just let it go.

1. First you need to separate the right half of the lines from the left. That should go easy.

2. Then take the strap of one half in your hand and remove the steering line so that you can pin it in place on the back of the rear strap (most commonly strap D). Between the pulley on the strap and the strap on the steering line shall not be any other line than the steering line.

3. Grasp the strap A in one hand. Begin removing the wraparound lines by dragging around the entire strap to release all three corded lines. Proceed from the canopy towards the free ends. Do not worry about which line belongs to, just throw them around the straps so that only the string A lines stay upstairs.

4. When there is only a string in the hand between the leading edge and the A strap in your hand, all the rest of the lines are under them, just strap the straps so that the end bolt on the cap will lead to the edge of the canopy and the other acorns will not be thrown over it lines.

And that’s all. The rest is simple.


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